i hate when this happens...

as i’m browsing this forum, i hear my step-dad come into the room. i turn, and…

…i see a flash of light. yup, he took my picture and caught me completely off guard. i’d love to see my face in that pic when he goes to get the film developed…

anyone else have this happen to them?

points and laughs!:slight_smile:

thanks. i needed that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! Ha!

My father does that to everyone whenever he has a camera in his hands. He once got a pic of my mother when she was dying her hair. Man she got mad…

He’s also caught me as I arrived home from a wild party. I seemed like someone who had survived a war. And also another time when I was eating a pizza, but like, without cutting it. I held the disc and ate it whole in a way similar to how squirrels eat nuts.

well, i think i have my patented “get that frickin’ camera away from me” look in that pic…:slight_smile:

OK thats odd, very odd.

The only time that happens is when I have family over. So it’s usually my cousins that have to share my pain with me.

I’m usually the photogrpaher…yes, Revenge, I still have that ambiguous photo of you from France! It’s coming in Monday, unless you quit with the blackmail! :slight_smile:

Poor Zhou though, that SUCKS. Majorly. sniggers behind her hand

nope. never happened to me. Perhaps that’s because my mom never takes pictures unless family is over. On those occasions, though, I’m usually not on the computer at all because it’s a holiday.

i don’t really mean at the computer. i just meant “caught off-guard”.

Candid pictures of me haven’t been taken in about five years. Probably more.

I’ve never had someone take a picture of me off-guard.

y’all are lucky…

only 2 pics like that’s ever been taken of me. Astral has one. That’s how I take pictures of other people though. Its natural and it holds the essence of the person a lot more than a fake smile imho

point. but whenever a picture of me is taken like that, i end up making some sort of face in the pic…

Well, nobody would bother taking my picture, except when I have to go to special family events… sigh But I still don’t understand why anyone would waste the film on me. Some people just have the habit of taking heaps of pictures.

You have a very strange father :stuck_out_tongue:

if you’re talking to me, then he’s really my step-father, and yes, he is strange…

else, carry on.

The two most recent times that’s happened to me were (1) when I was in my friend’s hotel room in San Francisco using his laptop, and he asked me to look at something, tricking me into turning for a bad picture. (2) My ex-boyfriend woke me with a camera in my face.

I wasn’t really happy either time, but now it’s sort of funny.