I Hate Retreats!!!

I had to do a retreat for my Church, as i am being confirmed this year. Well I now swear i will never do another one again.

Since it was with my youth group, i figured it would be ok, a little lecturing, some activities, and some games. NO GAMES. Like two activities, and LOTS AND LOTS OF LECTURING.

The only fun we had was tring to sneak into the girls room and then sneaking out. (We were in four rooms, 2 for boys, 1 for girls, and one for the adults.) without getting caught. About 1am when the adults went to bed did we succeed in both. The guys all met in one of the rooms, busted out a screen in a window and got out. we then proceeded to get the girls to open their window and come out. the best part of it was that we were about 20 feet from being caught. One of the adults came out and went to his car. We were right in the light and he looked straight at us. I am still amazed that we didnt get caught.

The Most stupid thing we had to do was apologize to some one in our group that we had wronged. To do that we had to make them a gift ( this was the activity) write a letter, and stand infront of the class and apologise. DUMB

Has anyone else had to go thourgh this type of pain?

Well i go to chatolic school and they do retreats so i go,but there only from 8:30 in the morning to 2:00PM

My solution: don’t go to church.

That’s just because your retreat leaders are boring. Here at Duquesne, our retreats are awesome. We spend plenty of time reflecting and in vespers or a Sunday service, but we also have fun activities, sometimes watch movies, play games, roast marshmellows over a bonfire, sing songs that we can’t remember all the words too and then argue about who messed up.

It was just bad luck that whoever organized the retreat decided that lectures were the most important part. Don’t give up hope based on one bad experience.

Become a communist. We don’t offer much of an afterlife or any afterlife at all but our plans for the future look GREAT.

Well I think you did the right thing by making up your own games. What’s more fun then trying to sneak around with the possibility of getting caught? In a few ways it’s like playing a video game…

Yes, and we all know you can’t have fun in real life unless it has something to do with a videogame.

Of course you can’t. Everything else is boring.

And when did Communism become a religion…? :open_mouth:

Communism is not a religion, but many of them are atheists.

It’s a system of belief. Same difference. :stuck_out_tongue:

My solution: Proclaim a new religion, and refuse to take part in any activities because they upset your beliefs.

I never did show up to a single retreat when I was going to cathecism. I told them I couldn’t make. Meh, I quit anyways; who needs to get confirmed.

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who needs to get confirmed.

Nuns. And nuns > all.

(including strider. a nun could kick that dudes ass.)

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I never did show up to a single retreat when I was going to cathecism. I told them I couldn’t make. Meh, I quit anyways; who needs to get confirmed.

Only the people who believe in their religion.

The retreats here weren’t that bad, although I ended up sharing a room with two insane lunatics who plotted blowing the entire place up. Fortunately, the propane was kept far away from them.

I only ever went to one retreat and I ended up getting into a fight with this guy. Getting your head smashed against a sink right before you had to go hear someone talk about Jesus, now that’s what retreats are all about.

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Only the people who believe in their religion.

It was meant to be a hypothetical question, please don’t get defensive.

I don’t think he was being defensive as much as he was trying to answer your question.

I’m confirmed, and I went on a retreat and all that shit. I really didn’t like it, and all the jesus freaks made me want to tear my hair out. That and the people I went with were dorks supreme.