I... hate... KOALA!

Koalas bite? :frowning:

Yes ;.; you think they’re all fluffy and nice and always a littledrowsy, but in fact they scratch you and bite you if you try to get near them ;.;

Good ol’ Blancmange. XD

Don’t forget…not only do koalas bite, scratch, and spread disease…they stink as well.

Koalas are cute as plushies and TV stars, but their real selves leave much to be desired.

Plus, I hate that koalas, of all marsupials, are loved so much. There are so many more vastly fascinating animals living in New Zealand and Australia and everyone is goggling at those smelly little beasts.

Wait a second… Possums have THUMBS!!! They could kick the crap out of ANY animal in the southern Hemisphere if they had handguns, because Possums can use em.

(who needs the letter O?)

Umm… ignore that last post?

I think the platypus is a very interesting animal. Why can’t the platypus get more love?

Because he’s different.

The platypus is living, breathing proof that if there IS a God, he has a sense of humor. :hahaha;

The platypus is the cutest thing on earth!

Hey, that’s my line!

Hey, don’t look at me. I stole it from the movie Dogma. :hahaha;
(Damn good movie, that one is.)

I’ll admit that platypi are cute, but nothing is cuter than a lemur, even with a duck-bill.

You guys do realize they’re poisonous right?



Ferrets stole my really awsome copper ring, my car keys, my lunch box, my car, a piece of cake, credit cards, and my catch phrase from me. Nothing that thiefly can be cute. But they sure are badass little mammals.


for the record: nobody said they were.

Nobody said it, but I heard someone thinking, “stupid rodents” as I was typing that, so i pre-empted them.

breaks down crying

Its all a lie… I just was too afraid that someone would badmouth a relative of the weasel, and I had to stop it before it happened. I was alone and afraid. I didn’t know what else to do. Please forgive me…

Of course. The poison factors in in a way similar to that of natural fugu - it makes it just a little exciting.