I... hate... KOALA!

they’re goofy freakin animals! goofy!what the hell? you nuzzle their noses and you get sent into an alternate dimension? wtf is that all about?!

:thud: Funny. To me their ok.

You think THEY’RE freaky, what about those Slothes, eh? All the do is sleep from trees! FROM THE TREES!

Also your avatar is weird. Change your you title lazy man!

I miss that show. Does anyone remember the name of it? I want to look it up on google, but I can’t remember. :frowning:

You know, Koalas rape their women.


calls the dingo police to arrest you

Pie, MY avatar is weird?

Koala’s are freaky? Are you kidding? No, crabs are freaky - hell, they walk sideways.

Did I ever say they were freaky?

Ah yes… the noozles… I remember now. And I remember the adventures of the little koala too. ^^ Ah, happy fun times thoes were~

The Moomins were weird…

Holy shitake, I think I remember that show. O_O;

I was actually trying to emember what it was called…

I hardly remember the show, but I remember the stuffed animals…damn brainwashing advertising.

I kinda remember the show, but the “buy more transformers” message TV implanted in my brain as a child blocks most of it out.

You did say they were “freakin” animals…

Oh yeah, I vaguely remember that show … but nothing else about it. Except that that one girl’s dad was in some sort of “crystal store.” Or something. Wait, are we even talking about the same thing?

Oh yes. Moomin. If you mean http://www.helsinki.fi/~mlinden/moomin.gif these fellas, they indeed are moomin. But Spiders… SPIDERS HAVE EIGHT LEGS AND MANY MANY EYES :open_mouth:

Moomins? Do you mean like in the book, “Moominland Midwinter,” by Tove Jansen? Cause my friend told me I had to read that book, that it would change my life.

Those moomins freaked me out as a child. But Koala’s are alright, as long as you keep an eye on them.

Babar was also freaky. Damn talking French Elephant lieges!

maz: <img src=“http://honeyonly54.free.fr/nonentire/moomins.gif”</img>
And Koalas seem cute, but actually they’re mean. ;_; Their fur is all rough, and you can’t cuddle them because they bite. Tuh.