I hate customer service!

I figure that many of you, like me, are stuck in the pits of hell which is of course customer service. Thus, this is reason enough to make such a thread where we can rant about the stupidity of people and…stuff. I’m sure of you have some funny or not so funny tales to tell.

What I don’t like?

Handling cash, shit on the walls, refunds that amount to less than a dollar, snooty people trying to lower the prices, snooty people trying to cut themselves a break, teenagers that leave piles of clothes in the dressing room, stores that are open 6 days a week and 12 hours a day (is clothes shopping really this important?!), big headed unattended babies mechanically stumbling around, people that complain about prices in front of you, big scruffy women showing up at the store every single day because they have no life, people trying in clothes in the middle of the store, men and women fighting over the merchandise, old ladies trying to cut a good deal on clothing that they can sell at flea markets, dusty floors, working Saturdays, anal freakish bosses breathing down our necks, ignorant people that don’t say thank you, people that hover over the dresses but do nothing when they fall off the rack, people that swarm you when you’re cleaning up or putting out new merchandise, mormons putting up advertisments on our bulletins so the other customers can call and get in touch with God, stinky bathrooms, clunky AC, old men that blow their nose into their hands before passing you money, bagging clothing, people that specifically ask for a receipt when OF COURSE THEY’RE GOING TO GET ONE, people that go over their receipt in front of you as if they’re suspicious of you charging them that extra dollar, and mothers that leave their fucking big ass train of a baby stroller in a spot that is at everyone’s inconvenience.


Let me hear yours.

There, there. Let RC make it all better, dear. :wink:

Or the mothers who hit their kids and throw shit.

Or the parents who tell their kids to just ‘leave it there’ and put it down somewhere randomly. In front of us.

Or the old people that like to take swings at us when we take their (unpaid for) items.

Or the people who take three minutes to find their money, another three to put the change away, and still another three to put it all in their purse and move down some.

Or the women who snap at you for talking to another customer when she’s signing her receipt.

Or the manager who thinks you’re an escaped juvenile delinquent.

Or the manager who sits there and bitches about how nothing gets done.

Or the four cases of month-old jugs of milk that had to be emptied and thrown out.

Or the three month-old bacon in the freezer.

Or the tampons on the floor… of the men’s bathroom.

refers to his experience with HP

Or the tampons on the floor… of the men’s bathroom

HAHA. That one got me giggling.

closed-minded people
salesman who bug you the second you enter the store/area.
people who drink just to get drunk
busy work
mandatory attendance

You hate all of that in the workplace? o.O


I work at a comic book store in a pretty bad part of town, so probably the first and foremost thing I’ve learned to hate is people coming in with pocketknives and trying to rob us. It’s happened twice on my shift. We have a shotgun under the counter, sir, you really should leave.
Another one is people who read stuff and don’t buy it, not as in look at it, but as in sit on our floor for a fucking hour to read an entire volume of Cerebus and just leave.
The huge, physically, comic book nerds who bring food in and sit at the table reserved for card, miniature, and other such games, and eat while doing the afformentioned reading and not buying thing.
The people who ask if they get the free tee-shirts we have if they don’t buy anything.
The people who when we ask them ‘Would you like an issue of Needles For Teeth included in your purchase?’ and then explain that Needles for Teeth is a revolutionary political writing and art magazine, with some social and noir overtones, decide to, instead of saying, ‘Yes,’ or ‘No.’ Either try and impress us with their liberal glory and how they either did or would have voted for Kerry, or give us a rant on how republicanism is the only logical and moral system of government. Honestly, I don’t give a shit what you think your party is supposed to represent, or even what party you are. Do you want the magazine or not.
People who act all awkward if they’re in the store when I get paid.
The people who ask my black boss if he sells crack, then suddenly shut up when I come out.
Drunks from the bar across the street coming in and trying to use our employee bathrooms as a place to vomit or pass out.

Um no offense but your store sounds like it would get more business if you left the door locked.

Waiter job:

People who get angry for not being attended within a minute even though there’s obviously too few of us and the place is fucking packed.

People who try to be smartasses and sneak out without paying. Sure. You were going to the bathroom. Across the street. Right.

Parents who allow their children to run –and even worse, crawl- around the place. I’m handling a fucking bigass tray damnit, I should not have to play obstacle course with your goddamn toddlers.

People who finish eating and just sit there for HOURS even though the place is packed and we could use some free tables.

People who finish eating and just sit there for HOURS even though we ASK THEM TO LEAVE because the place is packed and we could use some free tables.

People who don’t understand “For 4 bucks you can eat all the pizza you like, but we’ll go around with the trays and offer, you can’t request a specific kind of pizza” and just keep asking for specifics.

People who make a mess everywhere dropping food and drinks and the like. Sure, cleaning is on my duties but I can’t imagine how you could make this mess without trying real hard.

People who don’t give tips. I’m serious, the tipper/cheap bastard ratio was somewhere around 2/40. And even when we got tips it was always around 25 cents. You came with 50 people, anyone would figure you could all chip in at least a goddamn buck so we can split it in four between us poor guys you had running around for the past three hours.

Washing dishes. Not the chore in itself, it’s just that the sink was right next to the oven. Remember my previous rants about our summer’s temperature and you can probably guess why I hated this… still, the cook had it a lot worse.

My boss running off in some personal errand and leaving me to multitask my normal chores along with handling the cashier.

Following the previous point, people who tried to pull tricks one me because I was young. I’m not stupid, I can realize you are ripping me off $20.

And I’ll shut up because I can go on forever.

The biggest thing that pissed me off when I worked at a drug store was that there we’re my “regulars” that would come in a give this this huge ass list of lottery numbers and expect me to finish it in two senconds. You think this thing is so easy to use and not mess up? Do it yourself you old hags! That and somebody will have me print out a bunch of tickets and then they’ll say “Oh, I wanted this number or I wanted it for morning and evening.” I would have to buy the extras if I couldn’t cancel them.

The other thing is that I’ve sold some pretty good winning tickets: One woman won $500 on a scratch off ticket that I pulled from the back of the compatment they come in. I almost didn’t see it. Did she even bother to give me any kind of tip? No. Greedy bitch.

I just hate how some people look down on you. This is my job dammit and I know it’s not going to be a blast everyday, but some people try their hardest to piss me off.

The place I worked at is pretty nice. There’s a few lousy customers (like little kids that come in and ask “Is there anything here for free?”) that come in once in a while, but not many.

It’s mostly regulars, so everyone knows the owner and are usually pretty nice about everything.

There’s a guy who tips a dollar each time. Who the hell tips a DOLLAR? At a fast food place??? Oh well, I’m not complaining :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet you go crazy with that!

Poo on you all for getting tips. Now I want to be a waitress. Wouldn’t that be devastating for all of the diners…

edit: tip is usually 15% right? I only tip my regular hairdresser and eyebrow waxer, aside from the typical waitress. Wtf is up with other people demanding tips when they get paid for what they do? I don’t get it.

Huh, I’ve already worked in this area and I didn’t pass through a quarter of what you guys are mentioning. Am I lucky or what?

People that automatically assumed I spoke Spanish because I look Mexican. Obviously language is genetic.
People that assumed I spoke Spanish then lectured me when I apoligized and explained to them I don’t.
People that assumed I spoke Spanish then insulted my coworker, then insulted me and got mad at me for not understanding them.
Customers that get mad at me for taking so long to go out to help them on the floor when I’m the only one at the register.
Bitchy supervisors.
Bitchy supervisors who make me move everything around one week, then move it back the next then yell at me for wearing the wrong shoes, then send me down to display to put something away, then send me back to pick it back up, then have me do the Display peoples job.
Getting yelled at for standing around when I’m ringing people up.
Having to stay at work 'till 3 am cleaning the store because the district manager insists on coming to visit every week.
Working overtime and not getting overtime pay because they moved my hours to the next week.
Customers that get mad at me because the coupons have fine print and only work for certain items.
Customers that get mad at me because our sales have exceptions.

Eva: It’s simple, waiter jobs -at least down here- don’t pay well. Tips are a considerable add-on and a great incentive to work harder and be nicer to your fucktard customers (Since no one is ever going to give you a raise or a bonus).

Cless: Lucky asshole >:(

Camp Counsellor/Youth Programs Consultant:

200 Kids vs. 10 Counsellors (from age 6-12 yrs old)

Bad Parents = Bad Kids + No Disipline

Rain Days = Animal House

“Tommy hit me and called me a shit head”

Tommy is 7.

6 year olds going to the washroom in their…you get the idea…

Incompetent Co-Workers

getting paid $7.40/h…CANADIAN

Real life tampon tag! :open_mouth:

Yes. How greedy of her. Heaven forbid she keep her $500.

Working Easter, for no overtime, while doing inventory and slicing for customers at the same time, with only two people, and dumbass customers don’t realize the supermarket is closing at 5, and we aren’t allowed to stay late to finish up, because heaven forbid the cheap bastards have to pay us decent wages. Fukcing useless union.