I had to post this for DS


But the future refused to change…

God damn! That show kicked ass. The last episode was so sad :frowning:

The first season was in 87? wow, that show is as old as me o_O

Yeah, the last ep (as I remember it) was like that, with the old man and the fact that he never got home. Some of the eps were pretty lame, but overall it was a cool series.

“But Sam, the world isn’t ready for Sonny and Cher. In fact, the world was never ready for Sonny & Cher.”

This has to be one of the best series of the genre anywhere ever- put me down for the DVDs! Hell, put me down for 2! :smiley:

Oh boy.

The thing about QL was that they could have a combination of one shot episodes, and also a string of continuity, such as when Sam got in his younger body and his brother’s in the next episode in hopes of saving his life. It was a great show.

Yet a cool sounding show I haven’t seen or heard about.
*Sob. Stupid Norway.

WHat?! I thought you hated that show, Sin. that was some good shit. I loved it. I’m very happy its on dvd.

“I told you it’s a girl” (The only other line used just before the Titles)

For REGION 2: I want it!

Big Nutter


God yes! nerdgasm

Shame upon you DS. QC needs to be preserved in formaldehyde and put on display <strike>in the Kremlin</strike> somewhere. It’s a seminal 80’s pop-culture reference model. :wink: