I got this totally awesome T-Shirt

Okay, it has flameman, quickman, flashman, metalman, and crashman on it, in a lineup, and it says “the usual suspects”. Seriously how much cooler could it get?

Pic Please >.>; :booster:

Okay okay, trying to work camera…brb… :spam: :spam: :spam:

We got the pictured all ready

The shirt, notice stains

The photographer (me)

we are bored and it is saturday

Wow lol That’s awsome XD

Did you get the “I defeated the 8 master robots” one from gamestop when you preordered Megaman Anneversary collection?

Thats my fave megaman shirt…

WHAT!!! DAMNIT I didn’t hear about that lol, I would have wanted that shirt. :bowser:

You people scare me.

Shoulda reserved it. If you like street fighter, and they still have them at your local gamestop, were giving away Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike shirts with the reservation of Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. I’m not sure if EB does this stuff, but you could check with them too if they are closer to ya.

Lol. Me and Jared have an EB like, two steps away now. Yay for not driving 40 minutes to get games! :smiley:

I’d get one, but that’d require a local gamestop.