I got paid!

Putting Balrog/M.Bison-isms aside, the reason why I started a thread on getting paid is because :

  1. I can’t get laid.

  2. I got a raise in a low-end job where there is absolutely no future.

At least you can always wrap a shawl around your face and look cool like a ninja.

That’s not a Ninja…

THIS is a Ninja.


d00d, you have no idea the kinds of ninjaism the guy in my avatar can do. I mean, he even outclasses Chris Farley (RIP). That’s something!

I can’t wait until I get a raise. Of course, I work at a radio station. :slight_smile:

And I just got laid off. Again. Thanks guys. sulks

I feel your pain, SS… I feel your pain…

Lets join forces to bring this corrupted capitilistic world to its knees!

Um… I’m making $7 an hour working at a convenience store and it comes to over $200 a week?


I can’t even get a job, my mom thinks it’ll interfere with my schoolwork. But she and my dad buy things for me, so its all good.

I’m in the middle of a 2 week assignment, as soon as I finish this one I am getting 900 bucks. I think I’m going to buy new hardware for my beloved machine.

Salary: $7.25 an hour. Gas: about $20 every three hundred miles. Insurance: $120 a month. Making the hour-long, fifty-mile drive to Claremont only to find that the game’s been canceled one way or another: priceless.

Heh… my hometown is so lame, I can’t even get a decent job over here, so I gotta move(much to my excitement as my hometown is teh boring =P) out to a bigger city.


YEZZ INDEEEEEEE!D!!1!1 Oh, and by the way, that was posted from work using my laptop. It’s got a wireless LAN I can [STRIKE]hack into[/STRIKE] connect to the Internet with. :slight_smile:

Heh, I’m paid to read books. I’m a gas station clerk.

Why thats nice. I work three days a week and bring in a 214 dollar paycheck. :mwahaha:

I saw you at work about a month ago, Iga. You weren’t reading books! :open_mouth: I bought Pringles and M&Ms, as if it could mean anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

…same here.

Yeah. Well, I have to serve the customers sometimes. That’s the bad part of the job.

Was it in a cruddy Esso on the border of the 20 or in a Couche-Tard in the middle of rather rich houses? 'cause if it was the second one, I don’t work there no more. If it was the first one, well, it’s 'cause you didn’t see mah book.

My job is currently to fool around on my laptop, and roughly every time I hear “… Fisher Cats Radio Network!” said with finality I have to hit F10 on a different computer and pull down a volume slider, then a couple minutes later put it back up again. :slight_smile: