I got my first Credit Card!

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Because here in America, mugging is the unofficial national sport. :smiley: Carrying a bunch of cold hard cash isn’t always pratical, or wise…

But why would that be a problem, if everyone in America has a gun? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol jk of course… :ulty:

Wa-hey, congrats!

…now buy us something.:mwahaha:

I kinda wanted to get a Blue card, but I’m content with my check card. :slight_smile: Writing one out is too much of a bother.

Kaiser’s right. as much as those things have been told over and over, I think they haven’t been said enough times yet. I only use my card when I have enough in cash, but for safety I keep my cash at home and in banks. That justifies the card. the most important advice, though, is the part about paying everything in full and in the right date. I don’t know how the things are there, but here we’ve a monthly interest rate of 12%. And to make it worse, interestes are charged over other interests. If I don’t pay something for two months, I won’t have 24% interests, but rather 25,44%. It looks like almost nothing, but in the long run it fucks anyone up.

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I want a credit card…but I’d be too irresponsible with it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m too responsible for my own good. I have an account and a debit card, but I hadly use it. I’m always saving. ^^;
So, technically, I never enjoy what I have.