I got lucky!

No, not like that. I wish.

Today we had our company holiday lunch at the frou-frou country club… I was assigned to a different project for the last portion of the month, and the schedule for it has been brutal. I was going to skip the lunch since it was supposed to last pretty much all afternoon snd I had a lot of work to do, but everyone in my building talked me into going. I figured, I have to eat, right? I can always leave after that if I really need…

So, it was good, and the food was awesome, and there were door prizes at the very end. There were gift baskets, restaurant gift certificates, a digital camera, a spa gift certificate, and an iPod nano. Now, I don’t usually win anything, so I was shocked when I won the last door prize, which was the nano!

I feel a little bad since my mom now has to return the one that she bought for me for Christmas, but I’m all right since she’s saved the money. :slight_smile: I’m psyched because I’ve been behind the times and I’ve never owned an mp3 player before. Hell, I only recently got the hardware to burn CDs! So, I’m excited because I got lucky.

No, not like that. But I’m hopeful.

I had such high hopes when I clicked on this thread. Graphic details with lurid prose about unmentionable acts. But instead I got a glimpse of someone actually getting lucky in the literal sense. Damn!

But seriously: congratulations! The Nano is a sexy, sexy beast.

I’m sure you can get the ipod to fit.

I’m sure you can get the ipod to fit.


Like GAP, I was expecting outstanding carnal freakiness, but this is good, too. I never win anything, either, so maybe something like this will happen to me.

Vicki, despite her lecherous name, knows better than to talk about sex with RPGC.

Sweet lord, you’re so right.

Complete waste of a thread.


That’d be terribly uncomfortable.

I’ve seen girls do worse.

So have I. It’d still be uncomfortable.

I have a black iPod Nano, and I love the little thing to death. Congrats.

Congratulations! This is the first post in this thread not to mention sex of any kind. You get… uh… Frog. :runaway:

Nice, Vicki. Enjoy the awesomeness of free swag.

What, did you actually want me to post and let you know when I get some?

I’m not a jealous man, you know

That’s because you’re not a man. Oh damn!

Don’t take that shit from Rinn, SG.

Why? The fact that he’s wrong is as solid as Geometric Proof. I’ll be quite alright. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah Arac, I’m just foolin’, don’t be so uptight yo.