I got FF12, and...

I just got FF12, and I have played it for only 5 hours. I know my Japanese is not every good, but I’m going to say …the game looks like -----Star War: Knights of the Old Repubilic… :thud:

The battle is like this: You can see some monsters, and you go close to it, choose character and then choose attark. You can only move the character or use item and magic when the battle begin.
The same as Baldur’s Gate.:too bad:

The game goes like this: There are about 300 missions, and about 30 of them are main story mssions, the others are…
OK, the same as FFTA, FFX2, Baldur’s Gate, Star War: Knights of the Old Repubilic…

No world map as FF7. You just choose the place in the map, as in Baldur’s Gate, FFX.

I’m going to play this game, when I can calm down. I just can’t face it now…:thud:

If it is more like Baldur’s Gate and KOTOR, that sounds pretty cool.

Even if it looks the same, anyone who played the Baldur’s Gate-style games know that the spell mechanics are light years ahead of the ones used in FFs in terms of strategy and versatility. I’m not impressed.

No world map? That’s shitty…

KOTOR is great game ,and FF too.
I think FF12 is great enough for a FF. I just have not get what I expect in FF12.

I expect a FF in which I can ride a choocobo and fly over the world.

These are the guys who made FFT and Vagrant Story, we knew this wasn’t going to be the typical FF since they were put in charge. Let’s see if they break their habit of being amazing in certain areas and failing horribly on others. At the very least the script should be good.

FFXII is mission driven? Well, I guess this marks the end of my association with the Final Fantasy series.

Non-linear is good, puts the “RP” in “RPG”. I have played the demo, and am very concerned about the battle system. Do you enjoy the battles, or find them slow and boring?

Lack of overworld: can’t really judge until I know how the zones are laid out. I will say that travelling can get pretty boring; spending an hour to get from one area to another over and over again is just a time waster. I’d rather my game hours be filled with substance.