I got Di Gi Charat...

Many thoughts raced through my mind as I stood in line at the cash register:

Why the hell am I getting this?

What if someone sees me with this?

What’s for dinner tonight?

Did I leave my keys in the car?

Why is that scary kid looking at me?

Why is that kid STILL looking at me?

Why is that kid mumbling something about killing me?

Okay, the last three were made up. I’ll admit that much.

Anyway, it’s pretty good, actually. Not the best I’ve read, but it’s freakin’ hilarious! It’s just a bit TOO cute!

What do you care if someone sees you with it? It’s not like you’re carring hentai or something.

It isn’t that good for a male teenager’s image to be buying/carrying something cute I guess

Especially Di Gi Charat.


But it’s so bloody good-nyo! Oh crud-nyo… Now it got me-nyo. This Mabatsekker likes Di Gi Charat-nyo, albeit at late hour-nyo, when it strikes better-nyo.

Someone call the nyobusters-nyo…

i have four of the books…actually, they are pretty cute :-).

I got a dvd included with the current issue of new type, it’s got a free episode, with 4 shorts. It’s fucking insane. I first started watching it, I’m like what the hell is going on? And yet, I’ve watched it severall times. I wouldnt buy it. I wouldnt be caught dead buying it, but it’s a great guilty pleasure.

Digi Charot RULES!!! Ok, I am done now.

You’re all forgetting the most important issue.

Did you find those keys?

What did you have for dinner?

whats di gi charot?

and more importantly that kid that was straring at you was

he wasent per chance small, frekled faced, about 6 years old brown eyes/hair was he? :moogle:

di gi charat is an anime about an alien princess sent to earth. digiko, the princess, wants to be an actress or a star, and is constantly competing with Rabi-En-Rose, and out-smarting the Dark Gema Gema Gang. I like the dark gema gema gang :-p

Better yet.