I got a question...

What is up with the little title under my name?
It changes every once in a while and now it says something… a little :gaybear: gaybear-ish …Just wondering…

Play Earthbound, and maybe you’ll figure it out.

I have…oh I get it…

But why does it just change everyonce in a while?

It changes based on the amount of posts you have. After you reach 1000, you can get a custom title. But I think that you can actually just go ahead and get a custom title, now… because nobody cares about post count. I think Zero said that, anyway. If it won’t let you… then don’t worry about it.

It changes based on your post count. At 1000 you get to change it to a line from a Joan Baez song.

You can change it anytime now. Im under 1,000 posts yet I have le custom title.

P.s. Arac’s avatar, which I believe is from a great Bjork video, is yay.


(Okay, I was just curious to see what my title is.)

(edit: It either evokes bananas or blues joints. Your call.)

Oh ok… Well I think I’ll just stay with Cute L’il UFO cause it describes me perfectly.

sounds a bit sad but…how do you customise your title?

You’ll want to edit the field called ‘Custom User Title.’