I got a problem in BOF

In Breath of Fire, I cant open any doors up with Karn in Ross’ House and I cant show him the mirror. What is the problem huh? I need serious help for this one and plus i followed every FAQs possible and it still doesnt work help me please. :moogle:

You already have the Mirror and Ross still doesn’t say anything when you talk to him? Is it a ROM or the real game?

Basically when the faqs tell me to go to the safe i put my leader to Karn and the doors say “It’s locked.” and when i go to Ross he says “Please save my daughter in the safe”. I followed exactly wat the faqs say and it doenst work i can give the rom save i have on the ZSNES(new one) i got. u can probly try an figure out k but i would need your @ so i could send it


Send it to me and I’ll see what I can do.

I had this problem once. Karn can’t open the locks in the vault until you’ve found the “Book of the Master Theif” in the dungeon you found him in. Find that, then you can open the vault.


You mean you got out of there without the book? I know BoF1 isn’t precise about what to do/where to go but… c’mon…

My hormones rage for BoF and BoF2. I miss the days when I played them on SuperNES…sigh

I wish BOF 2 had that Dragon Warp item that is in 1. It is a really neat item that allows you to warp anywhere- even walk on the world map and title screen!

GG is right. I always loved the original BoF.

A friend of mine once did the exact same thing.