I got a new hobby


I was searching for random stuff about dwarves, not the ones IRL but the fantasy RPGG drunken cannon fodders. However, I don’t remember how, I ended up in this page.

You are a sad man who needs to be flogged nekkid with G.I. Joe action figures. :frowning:

At least your not smoking oregano.

Somehow I’m suddenly reminded on the “Dwarf Freedon Front” that run around here.
Those people “free” dwarves by removing them from gardens and putting them in the forest.

The Dwarf Freedom Front rules. So does dwarf throwing.

dwarf throwing is wonderful!

but I always thought it was called midget tossing…

Dwarf throwing? Now that’s a new one!

It may be new, but it is still extremely sad, just like many things in this world.

Haw, that rules.