I found an anime character with my name

Tao Ren from Shaman King. But all I found out from him is that he’s somehow pressured to be the world’s most powerful shaman & something. Could anybody give me more info about him?

I think now people won’t say that my nick comes from Ren & Stimpy Veediots Show anymore.

Wasn’t there a Ren in Pirates of the Dark Water?

Gee, it’s been so long I haven’t seen PODW that I don’t remember.

I never even got the plot of it anyway.

Tao Ren (Or Len) is a shaman that belongs to the Tao dynasty, a Chinese family that is famous for committing murder against their rivals. Ren was sent to Tokyo to win the title of Shaman king in the tournament by killing his opponents but later on became one of the good guys after his fight with Yoh Asakura (The main character).

For what I’ve seen so far he got into the second round of the tournament (In USA) and is the leader of one of the teams (Along with an Ainu called Horo-Horo and an Afro-American called Chocolove).

He seems rather short-tempered and while we are at that he’s horribly rich.

Ren’s spirit is a dead knight from the Chinese army called Bason (Pronounced Basón) and he is the second character that can use the 2nd level spirit junction (With the form of a BIG ASS spear). While we are at that his 1st level possession suspiciously resembles a Gundam.

Ren is the main character from PODW.

Oh yeah, now I remember. But I still can’t remember the plot of PODW. All I know is that they had to find something important (it still doesn’t say much I guess)

Actually, Bason is supposed to be a Chinese Warlord.
Ren was also capable of showing Yoh 100% integration…with pain.

Ren had to collect the Treasures of Rule to get rid of the dark waters that plague the land and avoid Bloth (evil pirate guy) from using the treasures for his own intentions.

Originally posted by Crotanks
Actually, Bason is supposed to be a Chinese Warlord.
Ren was also capable of showing Yoh 100% integration…with pain.

Yeah, but the fight kicked ass.

Since you are the first person I see that knows SK let me ask you a question: How the hell is that anybody notices Ryu’s “Particular” sexual tendences? I mean, the guy goes for women, men, kids, etc… he’s a freak…

Here’s a picture of Ren:

Hell if I know, the guys just fooked up in the head. Btw, that “BIG ASS spear” is called a kwan dao. I think that’s how its spelt. I’m just dissapointed the 4Kids got a hold of it. How much you wanna bet they edit the spear to look like a damn pole :stuck_out_tongue:

I already saw the translation (At least the spanish) and it’s excelent (Chocolove’s voice is simply AWESOME). The funny thing is that they call Bokutou-no-Ryu “Ryu with his wooden sword” though it’s techinally correct.