I found a way to escape the Bush's draft in 2005

There are rules to the draft. As a result of the death of all five Sullivan brothers during World War II, the government initiated a set of draft rules. Some of which are, I believe, that you can’t be drafted if you’re an only child, you can’t be drafted if you are the youngest of your siblings, stuff like that. I’m sure you could find it if you looked it up.

You can still be drafted if you are only only son. You are onyl excused if you are teh sole surviving son, meaning your brother or somethign died in teh military.

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The two bills proposed in Congress (S.89 by Hollings, D-SC, and H.163 by Rangel, D-NY) appear to give no deferment for being gay, and I’m unsure whether the deferments they list will override the site Info gave. There might be, however, some possible exemption under the time honored role of Conscientious Objector, but that may just get you deferred to a role in a supply or medical corps.

As for this being a possible Bush draft, that’s a grave misnomer. The right tends to be more quiet on the issue right now with only Hagel commenting that there might need to be a new national debate on the draft. The bills cited above are sponsored solely by Dems, and Kerry has not gone on the record as being against the draft. He’s spoken more in vague terms of “Creating a New Army of Patriots” and whatnot. His site at one point even called for the creation of a very draft-like process. Only two candidates I know of that have specifically said they would oppose the draft are Nader and Badnarik.

Also, Congressman Ron Paul, a Republican from Texas, has proposed a bill that would disband the Selective Service System, thus basically precluding the possibility of a draft for the near future. It hasn’t been voted on yet, though. Also, the draft will be a Bush draft in the sense that Bush will be starting the wars that will require it, if he gets elected. The election is also the reason why he and his associates haven’t said anything about a draft - doing so would do them a lot of political damage. If they win in November, though, it’s likely that they’ll immediately start talking about it, accompanying greater bellicosity towards Iran or Syria.

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I think this atticle should clear up any confusion about the draft and if it will ever be imposed at all, and if it even has the support needed.

Is this true?

If so.


Charlemagne aint gay, and charlemagne aint tellin nobody he gay.

Read my response to that and check out the selective service website. Beign teh youngest means nothing.

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