I found a way to escape the Bush's draft in 2005

Just pretend you are gay.

They will try their hardest to keep you out of the military.

If the draft actually goes through (hopefully not, but…) there’s going to be a <b>looooooooot</b> of new gay Americans next year.


That is like, such a good plan. I’m am soooo going to do that.

Hopefully, Bush’s oppinion will no longer matter in 2005. (I’m voting Kerry, myself.)

What if they ask for proof? :stuck_out_tongue:


I am secure enough in my own sexuallity to try to “prove” it to some army rep. :smiley:

Instead of claiming to be gay, claim to be Muslum and tell them you will not fight your own people.

I was just planning on moving to Canada or England, but this will do if I have to do it.

Can I call them big boys?

  1. The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy doesn’t exist during the time of a draft, according to my (yes, gay) friend in the army. In other words, they don’t care during draft time.

  2. You can’t draft dodge to Canada…I don’t know for sure if you can or can’t draft dodge to Mexico. :stuck_out_tongue:

How bout’ if you tell them your’ a gay muslim?


Thank you GG C4, I don’t want be dragged in another war next year. I would vote myself, But I’m 100% British.

Big Nutter
Bush: Jump! Blair: How high?

Draftdodging pussies. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like war…as long as it’s in my hands in the form of words.

Oh yes, following Bush’s oppisition to gay marriage, now we have this, another example of “Bush’s america”, where discrimination is wrong unless he does it as well. I have a feeling his tombstone will say “George Wa*ker Bush, US president 2000-1841.”

I need to remember to register, so as to help get that jackass out of office.

My boyfriend originally comes from Texas and we’ll be down living with his family next year I recknon :S This had better not go through, but if it does, I can see no hope of his false gayness.

Please let another president be elected. Pleeeeeeease.

What if I kill Bush? Would that keep me out of the draft?

Garented! but then your new best freind will be a Lawyer,

If the Forces can’t accept convicted Crinimals, yup. But Don’t do it.

Big Nutter

Just both of you claim to be bisexual. With pics. Please.