I found a reason to go to Arizona


Would be funnier if they hosted public executions and people would still only complain about the waitresses.

Its like a medical hooters…great, now you make them feel smart. -_-

Holy crap, look at the size of the burgers of that grill o.o I love the homepage.

But Scottsdale nurse Kira Wilder, who contributed to the letter-writing campaign against the Heart Attack Grill, complained: ``Why do they have to denigrate the nursing profession and sexualize nursing? It’s just not necessary.’’

;____________________; !!!

"We’re asking people, if they’re going to have these fantasies, please don’t make it so public. Move these sexual fantasies to other professions.’’
Yeah, I have this fettish for female teachers. I would also like some female lawyers, and judges, if possible. Though my all-timer favorite is the female cook wearing only an apron and nothing else, leaning against the kitchen table.

Seriously, that was the worst solution I ever heard for the problem of people fantasizing on nurses. It’s just as bad as the idea I heard once of incentivating hospitals and clinics to hire only ugly people for nurses.

I’m getting flashes of the american equivalent of Japan’s maid cafes. :no2:

No pan cafes!

Never mind that, look at THIS. Holy SHIT.

motherfuck. that’s a monster.

I’ve seen bigger, even from another thread here. This one might be the tallest, but is not from the largest. And I wonder how you could even have a bite at that, it won’t ever fit in any mouth.

I’ve checked their jobs page. They say they pay the highest base salaries in the industry. Hm, interesting. I’m also picturing what most people type in the “how can you add value” textbox now.

I want 6 of them. At the same time.

From behind.

You forgot the female flight attendants. Their flying back and forth between all those time-zones kinda messes with their biological clock or something. Always ready for sex. Why do you think they can’t stop smiling?

You mean like those Wanna Fanna ladies (or whatever they’re called).::dekar!::

Also, does anyone know if there was ever a Anime or Manga featuring Filght Attendants?:thinking:

I hereby declare Ren my spokesman on this thread. He almost writes the same things I thought. Be sure to acknowledge the masochistic potential of the lawyers/judges next time.

I can’t fit one through my nostrils, damn >:/

Nutritional pornography. Why the hell did I pick Media Engineering?

And thanks 984 for reminding us of flight attendants.

They should ditch the nurse costumes and the waitresses and employ surgeons because that’s what the customers will need once they’ve ate one of those. It’s disgusting.