I forgot to mention this awhile ago...

I’ve basically left RPGC. Tendered my resignation to the Staff- which i still haven’t heard any word on, by the way- and now, I’m just done with this place. No, this isn’t some stupid practical joke, and I’m not gonna pop up two days later saying “Just kidding”. I’m done. Seeya.

What. The. Hell.

I shall miss you! :bowser:


Um… seeya.



Well, okay…live long and prosper n’ stuff.

If you’re absolutely sure. Do keep in touch though. And take care.

Later dude! You were fun to pick on D:

Aww! Well, have fun and good luck with everything!

That was unexpected.

Oh well, take care and whatever.

If you find a board where people are respectful to each other that’s not totally boring, please, PLEASE let me know. Assuming you at least stuck around to read this. :\

Oh Kei, always so down! :smiley:

Fuck you, you stupid bastard.
Go to hell and never come back

Why don’t you make a thread about it

Oh wait-

<font size=“7”>YOU’RE A GUY!?!!?</font>

Oh wait, shit. I mistook this obvious confession for another.


Have fun with your sexually repressed gender challenged self.

Bye sucka

Bye. Send a card.