I forgot how good BoF3 was.

I saw BoF3 for the PSP at the store and decided to get it since it has been ages since I played it. I’m playing through it and it is just amazing. The music used to seem sort of quirky (but still nice), but I’m enjoying it this time.

Well, I better make a point out of this thread, so…What treasures have you guys rediscovered lately?

Well, maybe not rediscovered, but…

An unexpected treasure I’ve got right now is a game that came free with a pack of mini-pizzas.
It’s a third person platformer, and even though the setting is pretty much meant for five-year-olds and the controls are crap, it’s still strangely funny to play.
And the music is actually better (at setting the mood, and just in general too) than in most of the other games I’ve got at the moment.
Too bad that the controls are, as I said, crap. They’re so crappy you can’t even solve some jumping puzzles without precise timing that is hard even for a hardcore gamer. :confused:

And as for rediscovering old wonders:

Marshmallow Duel

It’s a really old game where two players climb around on ladders and platforms and try to kill each other with weapons that appears in bubbles that float around on the screen or by pushing each other into the vat of liquid marshmallow beneath them.
You’ve basically got two moves except for basic walking/climbing movement.
The first one is jumping, and the second one is ducking. If you duck while running you roll.
And then there’s the weapons/powerups. Things like a gun, a “puck” (a grenade that you roll along the floor), electricity (kills the opponent if you touch him while it is active), invisibility, proximity mines and lots else.
It’s one of those horribly simple games that are so fun it’s scary. :smiley:

I managed to find a close to perfect condition copy of Suikoden 3 for a good price so I have started playing it.

BOF is good. It has sentimental value for me. My only complaint is it just kept going and going and going. There were like 3 places where it should’ve ended, but it just kept going. I thought the bad ending was awesome.

I’m still playing BoFIII and for a while I actually forgot that I even owned it lost among a sea of games if you will.

Moving along, finding Mega Man V for the (Super)GameBoy was a good find especially since it is the only game in the main series to make such a departure from the norm. It had new bosses(as well as some old ones like Enker, Quint, Punk, and Ballade), new weapons i.e. the Mega Arm(it saw use in VII) It is also the only original MM game to not have Wily as the final boss.

Now, if I can find Mega Mans III, IV, and Dr. Wily’s Revenge for the GameBoy, then that would leave me Legends, Battle Network, and some of the stand alone games to complete.:booster:

I forgot how good BoF3 was.
Hard to remember things that never happened.

Was BoF3 better than BoF4?

I think so. I enjoyed BoF4, but it just had some things that kept it from being as good.

Then i’ll try out BoF3 first.

I’m still looking for a ps1 version. Not like I think i’ll find it anytime soon. Did you know that they have unbeatable bosses :D? I loved hearing all the stories I’ve heard about those.

They are pretty darn simple with the Ultimate Kaiser. You just need to hunt down some items to increase Ryu’s AP gauge and they go down easily.

BoF III is a more “traditional” Breath of Fire game, especially since it sort of links into that semblance of a hint of a scrap of a storyline that BoF I and II presented. BoF IV tries to introduce a different style, graphical, gamplay and plot-wise, so it sort of alienates a few old-time fans. To be honest, I liked IV better between the two, even though I hated the ugly-ass dragons except for Kaiser and Tyrant.

Iv’e heard alot about that one of my brothers is making me want to play BoF2 alot because he said there are really strong bosses.