I finally finished!

I was just feeling so jubiliant that I had to make a thread about it. Just yesterday I finally finished On Earth as it is in Hell, which I’ve been working on and off on for four years. It’s great. I still have a hard time realizing that I don’t need to work on it anymore. I’ve been writing it so long, there’s always been that constant feeling in the back of my mind of ‘You know, I really need to write the next chapter’. Not any more, I don’t. Now I just need to ignore the dim cravings for a sequel.


I’ll read it tommorow…I’m too damn tired right now. :boring:

I’ve finished a few fics myself. I remember when I typed the last word of Diamond Dust and posted it. It’s always an amazing feeling completeing something you worked so hard on. Bravo.

Great work too, Caleb appleaudse And I adore the Author’s note on the end cackles

Weiila, I knew I would forget a few things in an authors note that long, and I can think of a few right now, but most importantly I forgot to thank you for posting the story here at RPGClassics. I think it would have gone something like this.

Weilla- Somewhere along the way I decided that my story needed more exposure, so I went around and tried to find some good fanfiction sites. Well, I found one, and for some reason you deemed it good enough to post. I don’t know, maybe you were really tired, drunk, or indulging in recreational drugs. Perhaps a combination of all three. Or maybe you just found it in the bottom of your heart to take pity on me. Thank you Weilla, for giving this author somewhere else to spread my word.

Feel free to add that in the authors note if you want.

You’re too hard on yourself laughs It IS a good story :slight_smile:

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> coughdrugscough

Shush or I’ll start handing out the TD/pony porn for free! Guaranteed to be hotter than the Sin/sheep!

Caleb, you r0xx0r. It’s as simple as that. (Yes, I finished reading it.)

I left a review at FF.net.

waves Hey anyone remember me? sobs

Okay, emotional outburst over…put on a positive note…I did remember my password! :moogle:

Anyway Caleb, I caught up on the story just in time! I think my last reviews made no sense, as it was very, very late…and I should not have been up. :slight_smile: I’ll read the end sometime this weekend, when kids are sleep as I can’t think when they are yelling. (Not that I can think at all!) I remember finishing Crimson Lies and thinking er…what do I do next? I actually felt kind of lost for a bit. But I have faith in you!

Again, great job on a wonderful fic.

I doubt I’ll be lost for too long. OEAIIIH was always my cash cow, so to speak, guaranteed to bring in a few reviews. Now I guess I have time to work on my more ‘indie’ pieces of fanfiction in lesser known categories. I have more things to finish.