I feel stupid asking that...

…but I never learned it, since I never used it before…
I need to make an money order.
Where do I start?

You go to a post office or any postal outlet and ask for a money order, and they should guide you through it if you need help. That’s what they did for me anyway.

Some Gas Stations and 7-11’s do money orders. Just ask 'em.

You drop buy your local bank, or post office: They usually have money order templates lying around. You may even buy them from an Office Apparel supplier, or the similar: Buisnesses loves to send money orders.

Money orders are no fun, they can get lost in the mail, and they take a long time to get to whoever…

a bank should do the trick. SG’s once sent me a money order from a 7-11, so I think you could get em from places like that too.

Make sure you get the <em>right kind</em> of money order, as there are several different kinds. Make sure you’re absolutely clear on which kind to send to the other person, otherwise you can get screwed. I think DG got the shaft from his bank when they made him the wrong kind of MO (and it wasn’t even his fault).

Ugh… don’t remind me X_x Pain -_-;

At least I got the Mitsuda STs in the long run.