I feel real sorry...

Think what you will, but I believe that if you cared enough, that time wouldn’t have been wasted. The only time that has been wasted is that of the people that had to fix what happened.

Yeah just imagine the PRESSURE stressed upon these people to allow the site to function properly again…:hyperven:


Charle, that sig image is awesome. And no, it’s not christmas, but you can still have some pie.

Originally posted by Heaven’s Soldier
This really blows, everyone does know that right. For I had nearly 200 posts on here, which were all deleted, and just think of all of our time that has basically been wasted, due to some IDIOT!

…Wasted…Why?..You lost your posts but…you enjoyed the time you were here (well…i guess so)

Nice Charl, your epic title for this escapade was actually used :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of signatures, I wonder if can cramelam Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Alone’ into mine.

And we haven’t wasted out time even if the post’re gone, because we’ve still posted them and read them. It’s like things you say: They aren’t saved anywhere but your brain, just like those posts are now.

Yeah, when Cid gets my Suikoden III link back up, I may have to re-upload a few things myself, but that’s NOTHING compared to what Z, Merl, and the other admins have to do. Good luck, guys. I agree with what Booken said; if there’s anything I can do to help, just E-mail me.

'if there’s anything I can do to help, just E-mail me."

Give us money.

what really sucked for me was my entire account was deleted, along with many others.

yes, i was dark mage before. the way i look at it, what better way is there of showing people what your favorite game is than by impersonating a character from it?

so, in conclusion…

good thing about virus: i got to change my username.
bad thing about virus: everything else.

Originally posted by Sinistral
Give us money.

I would if I could. 8P

I saw what you guys went trough in The Great Deletion. I certainly don’t want to be in Merl’s shoes right now.