I feel like such a noob... Star Ocean help plz

So I recently got around actually playing the first Star Ocean game. Now, my confusion concerns the Cooking ability. I’ve checked around and I don’t understand what’s wrong.

My problem is that I can’t seem able to actually use it. According to the gamefaqs page that actually described how to get to it, all I should have to do is to go to the “Special” menu and I’d be given the choice to use this skill. But it’s just not there.

I HAVE upgraded Recepy, Good Eye and Kitchen enough to get the message that the character has learnt the ability. Take Iria - she can also use “Scout” and THAT I see on the Special menu. Do I need something more to acutally cook?

Go to the Item menu, then hit X, then go to Item Creation.
The Star Ocean Shrine has a full manual. You should check that out. :sunglasses:

D’oh! Thanks a bunch Cid, I looked in the shrine but I must have missed that.

you’re cooking ability also has a lot to do with the level of your ability. if your ability is maxed out, you are more likely to complete a good product.