I feel like shit.

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I think you need to figure out what triggered it first, but that’s just me.

she’s said she doesn’t remember what caused it…

Yes, finding out how it happened would help but she doesn’t remember…do you remember what other things you were talking about it that led up to you hitting her…?It must have been pretty bad if it caused you to hit her.How could you forget something like that?:frowning:

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how old is your sister?

18 since March, why?

And Sin, I don’t know if I even want to know why I hit her.


Hopefully the two of you can sit down tomorrow; when she wakes up and sort out what happened and why.

Well it seems early to go to bed.

Does that happen a lot? You getting really mad, doing something rash, then not really remembering why or even what exactly happend?

Try not to think materialistically.
You will find that your unconscious mind is dangerous.

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Well it seems early to go to bed.

timezones, ave. timezones.

Whether you’d like to know or whether its necessary to know are 2 completely unrelated choices. If you don’t know why something happened, it can happen again. Being weak about it and not facing a problem will only cause you more problems in the end. Shit rarely ever goes away on its own. Reality’s a bitch.

And btw, it is a bit odd that an 18 yr old would go to bed before 8.

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timezones, ave. timezones.


Ave: I PUNCHED her. I’d say that she has some reason to go to bed already.

Sorc: I get mad sometimes, sure, but normally I can keep my cool. This was my first real outburst in years.

Jabby: What the hell are you talking about?

LZY: It’s about 7:40 here.

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timezones, ave. timezones.

It says she lives in New York and that place is an hour behind my time…it is currently 8:44 PM which makes it…7:44 there???Around that time, i’m sure.

oh. well, that is early, but she DID have a damn good reason to go to bed early.

it just seemed later, 'cause it’s only about 4:40 PM here.

well its the same time zone here,7:43 pm.

You really need to sit down and think about what caused it as Sin said. That’s the first step, and it’s what you should do now since your sister is already asleep. It doesn’t matter if you want to talk to her or not- just leaving it without an apology or saying anything is only going to make things worse. You’re sisters- an apology isn’t going to hurt her. Everything will be ok Val, really.

I have a feeling she might know why this happened and she’s ashamed to tell us (which is understandable I guess). Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

But a teenager balked comes pretty damn close.

And yeah, I do kinda know what brought it up, but not the whole story. Something about my room, that’s about all I can remember.

Well keep thinking, it’ll come to you Val.

A times like this I am glad I am an only child-_-;; I have no idea where my brother is.

Although i envy anyone with siblings…:frowning:

i’m technically an only child…i have two stepbrothers and a stepsister, whom all live with my dad in alabama.