I feel like crying right now...

Have you seen the Rent-A-Coder site? Might find something you can score some quick cash on.

That sucks about Ubi, though. Hang in there, man, you’re bound to get a job in the industry if you’re persistent. :slight_smile:

Getting into the industry isn’t as easy as most people would like you think, you need a lot of skill, patience and a fair bit of luck to get your foot in the door. I can see you’re disappointed, you put a lot of hard work into getting your portfolio ready and it just didn’t have the impact you wanted. It happens, just stick to it.

For most people the major stumbling block is really the experience criteria, Ubisoft gets an amazing number of applications and honestly if they have the choice between a very promising newcomer or a seasoned candidate they’ll usually go for experience. Your best bet is to approach the smaller developers, the ones that don’t get as many applications, sure the job might not be as good and you might not get to work on the kind of projects that you like, but at least you’ll be able to rack up valuable experience in the field. It’ll also give you a chance to learn the ropes and get a feel for the industry without being overwhelmed. Believe me when you’ve got deadlines coming up, producers breathing down your neck and everyone’s totally exhausted it can be a lot to handle. Believe me, knowing you might have to work 60 hours a week, and actually working 60+ hours a week are very different things. Working for a smaller developer will give you a chance to get used to it.

Anyway that’s my two cents, keep at it and if you’re really committed you’ll find a way o get your foot in the door.

I’m really sorry to hear that, DG. But as others have already said, you just have to keep trying. Look around for smaller companies that might be interested, as with many other things you might just have to start small before you get where you want.
You have the game in your portfolio, and that has to count for a lot. Just keep looking!

Never give up, DG. And hang on to that portfolio; just because UbiSoft didn’t see it for what it’s worth doesn’t mean that others won’t. 8)

By any chance, could you upload your game here? I’d like to give it a try.

I can’t share it as it is the College’s property. Sorry. :bowser:

Edit : Anyways, I’ve managed to get over it and see it as a “twas probably for the best” scenario as there might be something else just waiting to happen. We’ll see in time.

Whatever, ubisoft never made that many great games anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s too bad that you didn’t even get an interview, but atleast you were there trying to get one. Like they say in Fubar, just give’r and you’ll get the job you want.