I feel like crying right now...

OK, rant time.

Over the course of today and yesterday, I was invited at my college for a job fair. UbiSoft was there. I took two weeks to prepare some portfolios to present to them. I met with them yesterday afternoon. They sat down with me for five minutes. FIVE FUCKING MINUTES ?! Is this a fucking joke ?! They looked at my portfolio… all they could say in the end was “It’s nice.”.

Heeeeeeyyyy, glad you found it nice guys, how about actually bothering to fucking interview me ?! And aside that, there were a few other post-graduates with me… None of them got considered for an interview…

Thanks a fucking lot, UbiSoft.

The person responsible for the Job Fair said only the chosen people would be emailed a notification. So, I wait in hope that I get something… At about 1:30 AM, I get an email saying something along the lines “Sorry guys, nothing is definitive yet, we’ll let you know tommorow morning.” Ok… so I decide to go back there. Btw, it’s a 3 hour ride between here and there… I meet up with the person and ask about the interviews… I get the response “Can’t let you know yet, you’ll hear about it later in the morning.” So I wait, I wait and I wait… Past noon… I decide to ask one of the future graduates if he got the email… He got something diffrent, actually, he was given an interview.

What the fuck was I doing there then ? Why the fucking hell did they fucking waste my fucking time ?! ><

I’m sooooo pissed and extremely dissapointed at my college for making me go there for a second day when I could’ve stayed in town and do some job hunting on my own.

K, I’m done.

They should be burned at the stake, now u know the truth. Ubisoft is controlled by total jerks who live with their moms. Bummer for u, i mean that would have been a cool job for ya, except u prolly wouldnt be a nerd at ur moms house i hope, if so, forget what i said.

When you can come up with an intelligent response, you can respond. I don’t need to read this kind of immature crap.

thats harsh, u hurt my feelings, now im going to cry…no not really. Well, im sorry i cant come up with a mature response, the ubisoft makers are just jerks if they are going to say Its ok after u spilled out your heart and soul on this portfolio, to get this job.

Sorry man, but it ain’t the best time to write such silliness. However, this current response is a lot better, so you are excused.

Thing is… alot of companies ask at least 5 years of experience in order to get into the industry(for the more interesting positions)… Then how the heck does one begin a carreer if all conditions are like that ? >=/ We need to start somewhere…

ya ur right, how many years of experience did u have when they had that meeting with u? I think its wrong for them to do that, i mean u r going to run out of people to find if u have to have certain requirements.

I graduated a year ago… I tried to get employment, but no one bothered to get back to me… Technically, I’d have a year as I spent my 2nd year at the college making a semi-professional game with 3 other people.

well thats y, they think experience means everything. Did u tell them u made a semi-professional game with 3 others, i mean right there, that shows your skill, only one year of doing what u want to do for a living, and making a semiprofessional game, that has skill in it, i think they are too full of it to even see it.


That game was part of my portfolio. They didn’t seem all that impressed… which really hurts me, considering our game was the most “complete” (no silly bugs or any weird AI behaviour to be found) amongst the 4 teams that graduated last year.

That should be enough. well, maybe another company will appreciate your work, have u tried any other companies?

There were two other company representatives… one gave me a response similar to UbiSoft’s while the other didn’t even bother to chat with me less even look at my booth…

Dang, they are really stuck up now, they use to be desperate for people with skills like yours, i think they are just trying to make themselves look like they are a company who only hires the best of the best so they turn down people like u who r good, but they think if they hire u it wont make them look good, i dont think they want a guy who has better ideas than they do. Panzees, they are such panzees

Don’t give up DG.

there is bound to be a company who likes your work, dont let one interview, or what ever it was interfear with what u wanna do for a living.

Yea, don’t give up man. It is the hardest industry to get into. If i can ask, what is your specialty? I could have sworn that you did music (i think i remember you saying that), but if your portfolio contained a game, then are you a coder?

Of the people that did get picked, what were they showing off?

Specialties are Project Management and Sound Design. I was the project manager, but I’ve also did a little bit of coding and the sound production, which emcompasses both music and sound.

The chosen ones had their game too, plus they showed their Unreal Tournament Level they’ve created and some art they’ve created.

DG: Sorry to hear that. I don’t know anything about the Video Game industry, but it sounds to me like those people never really intended to give ALL of you interviews… maybe only to those who had specific ideas that they wanted, and the rest of you were simply given the runaround.

From what I know about you, you’re a very dedicated guy, if you think you got what it takes then don’t give up, keep trying until somebody notices your talent. I have read interviews of many great comic book writers and artists who had starts as rough as yours early in their careers.

Good Luck! :cool:

That really sucks, DG. ;_;

You should talk to my roommate though – she had to interview with 15-20 different companies before she finally found a job. Every day she’d come home from an interview and look like she had just been run over by a bus. But it paid off for her when she finally got one she liked, and I’m sure it will pay off for you too. Just gotta keep at it. :slight_smile:

You can do it Dragon_God. Just keep at it!

Get over it. I’ve been rejected for dozens of jobs.