I feel all tricked out!

I got to go shopping with my mom’s best friend, Squawk, today, and we went to Ht Topic together. I got a Trigun hoodie, a Sonic shirt, and some pants from Old Navy. I feel all shiny and new.

PS. As you may have noticed by my mom’s best friend’s name being Squawk, yes, my mom and all her friends are freaky and weird and flaky. I know. Eep.

Is that all? You’re no shopper! Just wait till I get my first babysitting paycheck. THEN you’ll see what being shiny and new is all about!

Yeah, learn to shop you panzy. I’m a guy and I buy more then that when I go shopping.

If you’re tricked out already, you can’t have too much stamina. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you’re kidding. Buying for the sake of buying is a very bad form of consumism.

I wear my clothes for the long term and buy a couple shirts, sweatshirts or jeans when it’s on sale or when I need it. Once or twice something old of mine became new again.

I hate Hot Topic.

Dev’s a tuff guy.
He doesn’t like their anime shwag.

And I hope you’re kidding. I didn’t say I buy for the sake of buying, retard. When I go shopping I actually go with a list of things to buy. I don’t just run into a store and buy six things for no reason then go to the next store an buy another six things.


So is she hot?

Consumism is a very bad spelling of Consumerism.
Fight the man, Ren! You make non-sensical statements of rebellion like this, and the whole of capitolism is bount to crack and shatter under your unorthodox economic might.

Seriously, though. I think what you mean is buying when you don’t need, or even want. That’s actually not so bad, because, when the people who have the money to do that lay down the money and do that, a portion of that goes to pay the people with less money. Maybe it should be a bigger portion, but if nobody bought anything, factory workers, store clerks, and a whole host of other hardworking people would miss out on pay, along with evil and sadistic corporate bigwigs.
So, yes, by all means, boycott those nasty consumist shops, so you can help cause layoffs while the actual people you despise barely even notice the difference. Oh, that’s not what you wanted? Silly me.

When I go shopping, and I mean really go shopping, I’ve got about $6-800 dollars with the full intention of spending all or most of it.

I don’t go buy “a” hoodie and a “few” pairs of pants. I go buy like, 12 pairs of pants and 15 shirts, a few pairs of shoes, under shirts, socks and boxors, plus cds, dvds, video games, books, anything else I’ve been looking to pick up.

But anyway, back to the big topic, I’ve been shopping nonstop for the past few weeks refitting my wardrobe for college, and jesus christ I’m gonna be a fucking pimp.

Request for pimp pics.

I’ll see what I can do.

Shopping is for squares. Seriously. I don’t get it. Wow, you buy stuff… awesome. But yeah if you like spending time in an air-conditioned mall buying things then go ahead. I personally spend most of my money on CDs and DVDs. and shit, 12 pairs of pants and 15 shirts? whoa dude, I don’t think I even have 15 shirts… or 12 pairs of pants. I’d rather spend all that money on a new guitar amp.

Y’all got too much money, jesus. Or did america get cheaper without me noticing? :o

Sorc, I’m gonna have to check out your closet. <.< And when on EARTH did I say the line in your sig?

I think Sorc is just super loaded. And that he should start sending us all a small percent of his income. Which, according to my [STRIKE]baseless assumptions[/STRIKE] calculations, will still be quite a bit for each of us. Or else he’s the type that just saves and saves and saves for months and months and months and then WHAMMO spends it all at once.

Or we’ll just raid his wardrobe, steal it all and run around in guy’s clothes only from now on.

I spend probably $20 a day on the simple necessities like food because I’m too lazy to pack a lunch for work and buy everything I eat. But even so, my savings add up pretty quickly. After spending all but a mere 28 cents at Anime North, I’ve saved up $1700 already.

No, you’re not getting any of it.

Anyway, I never buy clothes. Most of mine are a year or four old; I’ve got a shirt from when i was in second grade that still fits. The reason for this is simply that I never wear clothes outside of my work uniform.

In any case, clothes shopping has always been either simple, or a huge hassle. Because I either gravitate to one item instantly and buy it, or I drag my feet and hate everything I see and buy nothing. Dunno why it is, but the former is always when I’m shopping alone, and the latter is when I’m with someone. It’s weird.

Anime, video games, and the like is another story, though. When I do get to go shopping for anime, well, let’s just say I put the stereotypical woman to shame for how long I take. :stuck_out_tongue: