I feel a need to thank SK

“One day, people realized that their posts in Qrrbrbirlbel weren’t funny in the least. It then dawned upon them that even if one posts in a forum designed for pointless posts, the least one can do is try to make said posts humourous or creative in some way. Alas, this was beyond them. They all died lonely deaths. None of them ever lost their virginity. The End.”

Thank you, SK.

Wasn’t that like… months ago?

Yea, but as a lot of people have remarked lately, the MF (here – along with the chat, to boot) has become a ToBish type of place.

Senseless posts can be funny. But there’s a subtle distinction many miss: Senseless posts CAN be funny. Not senseless posts ARE funny.

TIming is of the essence when it comes to senseless posts. If it comes in the middle of a heated, serious debate, then it’s not funny, unless the debate’s pretty stupid in the first place, and the senseless post is there to try and bring a little bit of fun back. But then, it’s not a senseless post then, is it?

Amen. Just amen.

Does it mean the chat will be powned as well?

I didn’t know SK still posted here. I love you SK!

I dunno about posting stuff here. Good thing he removes (certain) stuff, though …

That was in reaction of the stupid trend of posts I started with : “An Eden Story”, which was basically a one sentence story about Eden and something, which wasn’t funny in the slightest, but still got a huge reaction. Everyone started to imitate, then SK brought this to an end with that exact quote.

Let’s just admit it, we shouldn’t be allowed to touch a keyboard. Keyboards corrupts the little intelligence we have and makes us produce incoherent babble.

Pretty much like the stuff above.

Originally posted by Nulani
[b]Let’s just admit it, we shouldn’t be allowed to touch a keyboard. Keyboards corrupts the little intelligence we have and makes us produce incoherent babble.

Pretty much like the stuff above. [/b]

I couldn’t agree more. Curse the internet for snaking its way around our minds and binding our souls to earthly stupidity.

-Mazrim Taim

“tongue-tied and twisted, just an earthbound misfit, I…”

That’s still one of my favorite RPGC quotes.

Elevated turntable massacres fill the heart with blood other blood not my blood the blood of all of you but you are not hurt not even a pinprick the metaphor is lost on all including me. Green neon signs light up the tunnel in which we all go through the stench of rotting bodies and the tears cause us all to panic panic panic expositions are unnecessary my friends take the man next to me arms behind his head unlike me in which I am an active relaxer perhaps I try too hard to be both King and Knight when I am merely a pawn but if I go across the board I know I will be a Knight and checkmate, sah. I see green hair, black, blonde, brown I see colours everywhere they dance across the room like the motions inside of my gallbladder. Rigid penguins attend a dinner party where the man of many lives destroys it with benevolant intents, killing fourty two pilgrims in the process another cost of Democracy, I guess. Turn off the cell phone you little fuck you creep you deadly man of existential torment and woddendesks I should burn for their sheer discomfort. TriangleE CubeQ x+x = x+x = x+x = x+x = x+x = 2 FUCKING X!

government cheese

… You’ve lost me.

Spam forums always, always turn to shit.

We already know this. Don’t state the obvious. It’s called spam when you do. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sometimes what is painfully obvious to one is not so obvious to another. Small pointers can prevent great disasters.

<s>Besides, if it’s so obvious, why does a spam forum yet exist here?</s>

EDIT: my mistake, it’s not here anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

I assumed the “Qrrbrbirlbel” spoken of in the first post referred to a live forum.

Nope, it’s dead. Very VERY dead.

Yeah, the Tower of Babel (or Qrrbrbirlbel as it was affectionately known by some) is dead and gone due to how absurdly stupid it became. On that note, Roun, don’t post stupid garbage like that.