I don't want this to be true..

…but a person just told me that they were circumcised when they were 8-years-old. Does this really happen? I am shivering right now. I have seen some pretty crazy things, heard some fucked up stories, but this definitely tops it. Can you fucking imagine being a little kid unable to defend yourself from this?

Most people are circumcised when they’re babies, myself included. So some kid was circumcised a little later. What’s the big deal?

What is the big deal? I would cut off my ears and eat my own face before I let somebody cut up my penis. I have always felt that way. If somebody told me that they were going to circumcise me(by the way I was when I was a baby so…whatever) I would go bat shit crazy and get the hell out of there. What if the little kid doesn’t want to be? Do they force him to?

Why am I not surprised you made a thread about penises?

edit: But, yeah. I don’t think it’s too uncommon. Some people don’t get cut, some do, some choose to. It’s just some skin.

I’m talking about doing it to little kids. Doing it in general is fine, as long as it happens when they are at an age they won’t remember. If you don’t do it then, wait until they are an adult, or until they ask.

It is my understanding that pre-Christ people who converted Judiasm as adults - or any age for that matter - would be circumsized. Don’t quite recall the reason but it’s probably on Wikipedia somewhere. Also, I’m pretty sure anyone who would undergo this procedure in modern days would use anesthesia.

No anesthesia. Most often babies are circumcized. It’s too dangerous to anesthize babies.

Sorry, when I said “at any age for that matter” I was meaning clarify that it would probably be used on those that were not “at an age they won’t remember” - like an eight-year-old boy - and not just adults.

Edit: Just wanted to seek some clarification - Is your first statement saying that anesthesia isn’t used for this ever?

Edit 2: Answered my own question. Felt a little akward finding a source…

Gives the name ‘Gun slinger’ a new meaning doesn’t it? :wink:

We need to stop giving kids so many choices, so I say if the parent wants to cut the skin, then cut the skin.

I’ve heard of this. Some people get this done as adults. There are a lot of people who aren’t circumsized. I wouldn’t make a kid do this though.

Again, I’d had it done to me as a baby and I wasn’t permanently scarred. My penis looks nice and dapper.

Doing it as a baby is fine. Its just…why is it so important that you would force an 8-year-old to do it.

Wait- your morality allows it to be done to a baby, but not to an eight year old who might be able to understand the reasons why if explained to him?

Yes. Its all about whether they want it or not. In my opinion, doing it to babies is fine, its not like they will miss it when they are older, and its easier. Doing it to little kids is not fine, unless they understand why, but in my friends case they just dropped it on him.


Hold on…


Okay, I may have contradicted myself a few times, but this post explains my position.

That doesn’t make any sense. A baby is MORE defenseless than an eight year old. I doubt the eight year old boy will miss his foreskin when he’s older, either. Your position is nonsense. Re-examine until you come up with a consistent point of view. I’m sure we will all wait with bated breath.

Babies don’t remember it, so it is okay to do it to them. An 8-year-old is not okay, because he knows what is going on. I think of babies as masses of flesh who’s only purpose is to eat and become a person, I think that is what the problem here is.

An eight year old would be very unlikely to remember a surgery, either. I’ve had two different surgeries, one when I was about seven or eight, and another when I was fifteen. I don’t recall either of them. I am not counting my circumcision, of course.

Also, it seems you have a flawed conception of what a baby is.

I am not against circumcision. I am against forcing kids to modify their bodies noticeably[for no real purpose]. I didn’t even know I was circumcised until I saw Saving Private Ryan or something in 3rd grade or so. Just don’t force kids to do it is all I am saying.

I know what a baby is.

Sometimes it’s a hygiene issue, sometimes it’s an aesthetic issue. Either way, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about it unless I happen to give birth to a boy someday.