I don't remember that...

Bofore I say what happened, here’s some background. I’m replaying FF7. I’m doing so to reaquaintence myself with some of the storyline before Advent Children comes out.

In the first disk when your still in Midgar, in the almost very beginning, you all have to rescue Tifa from the rich guy. Well, I went throught the precurser move thoroughly this time, getting the perfume and good wig and stuff, and I think the confrontation with the rich guy differs with what you have. The first time I played this, I can’t remember what happened, but I’d think I’d rember the following. Does anyone know if it cahnges depending on what happens, or do I have foget hilarious stuff I here deseise? The funny: When you meet the rich guy in his room after saving Tifa, or Areis,(I know that can change) you meet the gut in his room. He was refusing to give some info, so Cloud threatens him saying, “talk, or I’ll cut them off”. He wimpers and Aeris says,“talk, or I’ll rip them off” followed by Tifa with,"…or I’ll smash them." I wasn’t sure whether to grimace or fall over laughing.

So, ya, does it change? I really didn’t even remember it even after I had seen it.

Depending on how much effort you put into it, he’ll choose different people. If you get everything you can., he’ll choose Cloud. If not, then either Aeris or Tifa.

But yes, as far as that specific dialogue, it stays the same.

I know aboutthe Tifa/Cloud/Aeris thing. As I’ve been replaying, I’ve remembered almost all of it, I just thought it strange that I hadn’t remembered it that it was intechangalbe.

Yeah, they are the character Don Corneo chooses depends on what combination of items you collected in Wall Market. But as Sorcerer said, what they actually say to him, never changes.

In fact there are very few instances in this game where the dialogue is different. And even then that just depends of what you choose to say to them.

I think the only spot in the game where the dialogue is different is in Gongaga village. If you have if you have Tifa and/or Aeries in your group and you go into the house where a former member of Soldier used to live then one or both of them freak out and run out.

As a general rule, dialogue is different depending on the characters in your party. For example, if you have Barret in your party, he usually has some high-cuss response to it, while if you have, say, Aeris in your party, her response is usually more civil. Of course, that’s mostly just for small-talk comments. When it’s significant story-driving dialogue, it does remain the same no matter which characters are in the party.


As for the whole Don Corneo scenario, get the best possible outfit for Cloud to be chosen, and the worst possible outfit for Tifa to be chosen. A moderate outfit means Aeris is chosen.

Sometimes, scenes extend to be a little bit longer if you have certain team members in your active party. For example, put Vincent in your party right before the last fight on Disc 2, and he’ll have a little something extra to say to the boss.