I don't really know what to say o_O

Gaaaaah o_O


I guess this adds new meaning to “your mom” references… x_x

Holy shit… This sounds like something right out of an American Pie movie.

The worst part is that the bitch is uuuuugly.

Like pug fugly.

Yeah, that’s what your mom said!

Those guys must have been so drunk and high to have sex with her.

And blind.

or horny

she’s ugly :frowning:

Teenagers generally make poor decisions.

<Shut it vB>

You know, I think parents can have a lot of insight on the responsible use of alcohol and drugs, such as promoting an environment that encourages people not to drive on these substances and helping to hand down vital practices of decent behavior, i.e. how to have a good time while not making an ass of yourself and so on. In that regard, I can understand how these parties can be a good thing, as delinquent as they may be. Of course, this only works for people who believe drugs and alcohol will be used regardless of what anyone says or does - the fact is that not everyone agrees, and as such, the parties are shamed upon. Of course, this woman went above and beyond any sort of responsible parenting when she decided to have sex with teenagers at parties she threw just to get them fucked up.

hells yeah :smiley:

Hey. that’s my mom!

just… ew

this sounds like a good reason not to drink alcohol in high school.


I concur.

I’m really surprised she got 30 years for that. You could kill a person and serve a lot less time.

Corruption of innocents and all that. Its worth far more than a mere human life you know…

Yeah, its messed up.

This is completely ridiculous. Thirty Years is WAY too long for ANY crime. It’s longer than I’ve been alive. When I remind myself that people only live once, and that thirty years is a good one third to one half of someone’s life, I don’t care what they did, they don’t deserve that.

That the law can just smugly waste people like that is disgusting, especially for such a TAME crime. Sex and Alcohol? And when they say “minors” I’m thinking 17 year olds. One year shy of the age of majority that would make it all “legal.” This is a fucking joke. A very unfunny one.

She’ll probably be let out after five on parole.