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Anyone else like Musicals? they don’t make enough of them nowadays, I need to go see a nice musical. I love everything about them. its totally different than normal singing. blag. anyway, thats why I still like disney, they still make musicals somtimes, what was the last one? mulan? that was great! but not as good as the little mermaid or beauty and the beast. I like andrew loydd webbers crap too, jesus christ superstar, and Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat. Phantom of the opera is awsome too! i havent seen Cats. ummmm… anyway, yeah, you like any musicals?

…nobodies going to post in this thread… I hate you guys…

I saw The Sound Of Music once. It wasn’t too bad! 8)

Les Miserabe or however it is spelled is the best musical ever. I saw the play about a year ago it fucking ruled.

Everybody loves a good musical!


I don’t think I’ve ever sat down to watch a good non-Disney musical, though I want to.

And I still don’t know the plot to Phantom of the Opera.

I actually read a “junior novelization” of PotO, and, uh … it has one of the dumbest acronyms I’ve ever seen.

The plot of phantom of the opera:

Opera singer gets acid thrown in his face, and becomes a phantom. He gets a metal mask, and fights the fantastic four.

I like The Sound of Music and Singing in the Rain as the best classicals I’ve seen. I like musicals, a pity they don’t do them anymore.

I’ve seen nearly all the old musicals. Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain, the Music Man, Oklahoma, Cats, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, I love them all!

Dancer In The Dark or bust.

I know the person who does the voice of Nala in The Lion King.


I… er… don’t.

Notice how voice actors in Disney films never get famous, yet famous people do Disney voice acting?

Musicals are fun.

And yes, they should make more.

I sure hope Dsney didn’t hear that…

Originally posted by Pierson
[b]I… er… don’t.

Notice how voice actors in Disney films never get famous, yet famous people do Disney voice acting? [/b]

It was the Broadway version, not the film.

Yay musicals. I like sitting backstage and making fun of the actors when they screw up their lines. Except for the really nice actors who actually treat the stage crew like people. The singing is the best part, especially when they’re really good. But sometimes the pretty boy gets the lead because males with talent don’t audition, then the show is horrible.
Question: Do you have to have a big ego to become an actor, or does the big ego develop when you become one (regardless of skill)?

I just wanna see a musical rendition of “Sparticus”

Originally posted by Duo
I just wanna see a musical rendition of “Sparticus”

… That would ROCK!

I’ve seen some musicals at Broadway. “Kiss Me Kate,” “The Lion King,” “Beauty and the Beast,” ah… some other ones. ^^;

Soon my friends and I will have our thing we all get around the tv and watch Rocky Horror Picture Show since I was lucky enough to find the rare gem on dvd. Great musical, it’s my fave.