I don't like Michael Moore.

This is why.

The man seems incapable of realising some people voted the way they did because they didn’t like Kerry and not because they were ignorant or lacking in knowledge. He’s doing a good thing (subjectively) but God the man is obnoxious and insulting. I used to think he was okay and pretty funny (hell, I e-mailed him once), but he seems to be reducing himself into just another nut, and I can’t help but think HE’S going to be one of those who make people away from the Democrats.

Good job Mike, no cookies for you.

What is there in this article that’s so objectionable?

“Fifty-one percent of the American people lacked information (in this election) and we want to educate and enlighten them,”

That. The man is just assuming everyone voted for Bush due to some lack of knowledge when most people knew exactly why they were voting for him. I’ll dig out another couple of articles in a minute. I just don’t like the man’s instant assumed superiority with anyone anti-Democrat.

The distinct lack of Moore’s realization that people did see his first movie and CHOSE not to listen to him. In our modern world of politics, audacious claims must be made with a flase lack of bias. Moore forgot this part and slanted everything so much that even some of the leftists slipped off the side of his horribly lopsided band-wagon.

I have nothing but spite for Bush (unless you count my compassion for a shared speech impediment) but Fahrenheit went too far, and rather than realize this, Moore plans to push things even further, just to prove his point that Liberals can be as big of obnoxious dicks as Rush Limbough if they want.

sticks a thousand needles into a voodoo doll of Michael Moore

Whoa whoa WHOA! Let’s not get carried away now!

Hey! I like Rush! Leave him alone. :enguard:

Most of his material is pretty much handed to him on a silver platter by Democrats anyway.

I like Moore’s old stuff, when he wasn’t as much of an arrogant prick.

Of course, Rush Limbaugh is always much worse, and more irritating.

I think that BX and Generic’s replies represent a balance that proves my point. I am done for now. Squabble amongst yourselves without my greater wisdom.

Why? Because most of what he says is true?

Here we go again. :thud:

You don’t like him because he wants to make a sequel to a wildly successful, popular, critically acclaimed film? There’s absolutely no reason NOT to make a sequel to it really. Moore isn’t that off the money. Most exit polls and pre-election surverys revealed that a large number of Americans didn’t know exactly what they were voting for. There was a pretty substantial number of voters who couldn’t even answer half the questions pollsters asked them regarding the candidates and their positions on key issues. Why does such a huge majority of Bush voters believe that Iraq attacked the United States on 9/11? A coincidence? I don’t think so. Misinformation. If Moore feels he wants to try and correct this, I don’t see why he shouldn’t be able to. Plus, when you make a movie for a couple of million dollars and it makes over 100 million, you can bet when Moore pitched the idea to Weinstein, he was shouting “yes Yes YES!!!” I look forward to Moore’s next film. His last one was entertaining as hell, and if you don’t get bogged down in the political agenda (and I really have failed to understand all the arguments that 9/11 is just an over-politicized piece of trash. Sure, the arguments like FOX decided the election in Florida are ridiculous, but I think Moore wasn’t really trying to imply that, but just show the incredible irony of the situation. You know, as entertainment. It sure made me laugh), you can see the real message is that Bush hasn’t been telling the whole truth. If you want a “fair and balanced” movie, then I suggest waiting for FOX’s next film production.

I agree with Michael Moore on some things. Overall though I think he just exploits people.

I don’t think any politician in the history of democracy has told the truth to his people about major issues… maybe Nixon, but he was kind of forced into it. People are acting like Bush is some new creature, a lying politician. Go figure.

…and exaggurates every little detail into his perspective of things. Way too many things in Bush said in F911 were taken out of context.

And you don’t think Rush Limbaugh or any talk radio host for that matter does this?

I’ve been in way too many heated arguments here, so this will be my final post in this thread. My opinion is biased in that I’m a Reublican and whatnot, but everybody’s biased in some way. I feel that Rush is the “lesser of two evils”, if you want to put it that way, because he only makes fun of the truth.

What Moore did was exaggurate perfectly innocent comments and twisted them to prove his point.

Farewell, and let the flaming begin.

Well, since you won’t post anymore, I will just do this.

[sarcasm]sycho, that was low class and without solid or mature reasoning behind it. we expect thaht kind of behaviour from conservatives, not liberals. don’t bring us to their level! They will beat us because they have the home court advantage in the field of biased bullshit.[/sarcasm]

Sorry, I had to

What are you talking about? Both sides call each other nazi’s all the damn time