I don't know what to say.

“Here are some new images of D3 Publisher’s first Xbox 360 title Onechan Bara X: The Devil Evolution Human, an action fighting game in which you play as a demon hunter woman in bikini…”


Those are some horrible goddamn graphics.

…Wow thats another game I’ll never get.Ever.

There’s some kid out there who is destined to buy this game, and be laughed at for it.

Seems like some kind of irony that the pictures refuse to load for me.

While looking at these, the first thign that came to mind was “COWBOY HAT!” Which then made me think of Dr. Tran. Which made me laugh.

The second thing to come to mind was, “Wait… is this for real?”

Wow, not only is it taking advantage of the system’s graphic capabilities, but it is also catering to the most primal needs of today’s mainstream gamer: women in bikinis and demons.

I’m with TD on that one. And on the second screenshot on the first page, it looks like the sword’s, like, strategically placed or something.

I agree with Sin’s choice in naming this thread and say my response is “…”.

That’s really goddamn ugly.

The bottom screenshot on the second page really makes me think of Yuna. With a cowboy hat and covered in blood.

Ok, as I go through, she really does look like Yuna, especially in the close-ups.
(FFX-2 Yuna that is.)

What do you do for armour? Add tassles to the bikini? A gimp mask?

Holy crap, she DOES look like Yuna.

…I feel weird, now.

The graphics arent bad and I love any horror game…but WTF is up with the bikini? What, fighting monsters, guns, and a spooky atmosphere isnt good enough? You wanna add arousment to that too there,buddy.

A hot chick covered in blood… make sure to play this game for only 2 weeks in a row. Then quit a week, then come back. This looks like a game that I would not like.

Ladies and gentlemen, YUNA ON CRACK!!!

Actually the bottom screen in page six makes it look like a cowboy hat Yuna doing a Michael Jackson, Triller thang!

This game is part of a series that sells really cheaply in japan.

It’s never gonna make it here.

We hope…

It could be worse, they could make a cable movie out of it.