I don't know what is worse...

an eye for an eye just makes the whole world blind :stuck_out_tongue:

and I’m feeling for both. One the one hand everyone should have the right to have kids. On the other hand if you can’t even care for your first child(ren) you should be able to realize on your OWN more children won’t fix that. It isn’t a good thing to take away peopls rights, but it isn’t good to abuse them either. The parents should have followed the first court orders, and the court should have enforced the parenting classes court order and such better so maybe the parents would be able to care for the children they want to have. (This is assuming they want to, and don’t want to just have children to sell into slavory)


I think they should be arrested. There’s no stopping them from having more kids otherwise.

Woah. Four kids? Three tested positive for COCAINE?!?! Just arrest the parents, and keep them separate. Solves the problem AND doesnt violate the constitution.