I don't do this often

I thought it was hilariously awesome though. Any Suikoden fan NEEDS to check it out.

Sin, I fucking love you. best track from the best game.

Sin hasn’t even scratched the surface:

Two songs and this thread is already made of epic win.

My favorite :smiley:

Oh man, this one is FUCKING GOOD.




Could’ve been done better, but still a great song.

Never played the game, but that was pretty sweet. I had forgotten that Mario Paint had limits on the song size, so it was neat to see four different parts strung together for this.

Why won’t these videos load for me? The red bar fills up, but when I hit play it goes for two or three seconds and stops. And I get no sound no matter what.

the chinese government has censored your youtube


This was one of my favourite themes of FF7.

son of a bitch I feel censored right now

Your fault for having a wardrobe malfunction.