I don't care who is doing this, but I demand it stop.

You know, it was a bad idea having a link to another forum in my signature. Totally terrible idea.

I don’t care who is doing it, but registering for the sole intent on ridiculing me, I do not appreciate it. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, nor giving names, but a number of RPGCers have registered at said forums I frequent, and reposting topics that I’ve made here, in an attempt to humiliate me in the presence of my friends.

I know the administrators and moderators cannot do anything about this, this being out of their jurisdiction, but I am asking all users whom registered, to cease. I’ve already picked out a few names, and got them IP banned from said forums.

What happens on the internet, keep on the internet. There is absolutely no reason why you should be doing this anyways.

I’d like to pat whoever did that on the back and giggle with them.

Your forums are on the internet, just in case you thought they were in some super special spaceship of love, or something.

While I think that the person who is doing that to you is terribly immature, I can’t say that I sympathize. When you post something on the internet in a public forum, it is available to anybody who goes to that website to do anything they like with it (as long as you don’t copywrite your posts, which is a silly idea). If you are affiliated with that site, I suggest that you ban their IP. If you are not, then as the saying goes: “‘Tough titty,’ says the kitty.”

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we don’t care about what happens elsewhere.

Besides, it’s the internet, why bother to give a shit about being quoted on your own posts? Or is it because you’re ashamed of yourself somehow?

Isn’t what you’re talking about an example of “keeping it on the internet”? Or are your forums just so totally kickin rad that they like blow away the subinternet and enter into a totally new realm of like supertacular internets beyond our wildest dreams?

I think it’s the second one

Hey, I’d like to visit this supertacular-net.

Wow, I didn’t think anyone other than my dad said that! :smiley:

What forum is this of yours, Setz? Send me a link.

As many times as this has been said: thats exactly where it has stayed.

Look everyone, I did it too. I don’t know if I did it right though.



I have a suggestion I think everybody can agree on:

<!— In other words, stop being a god damn annoying, illogical, common sense deprived moron. Jesus Christ. —>
If you don’t want your friends to know, then it’s completely retarded to tell complete strangers who find you annoying and think it’s very funny to harass you. But what do I know, really? I’m only just giving a suggestion after all.

Look at me, I’m Setz, first I openly post a link to my forums telling the whole entire world about it and then I whine when people come which I don’t like because I’m too much of a pussy to stfu and click the ban button which is why I DRAMADRAMADRAMA instead and do the thing I always did which is post a thread on the agora so that everyone gets to know about the horrible things that have been done to me but nobody cares about ^^

Is there a particular reason why you took out your forum link, but left your lj - link in your sig? One could take that as an invitation, you know.

Mmmmmm, tough titties

So you post shit about your life or what is often construed as either stupidity, lies, exageration or a combination thereof and then you’re unhappy when people find out about it? I’m confused.

Other forums aren’t our jurisdiction.

No… Can’t be that… I figure it’s some free forum, like Ezboards or proboards or invisionfree or something… Those can never be cool, even if they do have a static chatbox at the top that simulated IRC but requires constant refreshing.

Yeah, but I tried pouring olive oil in my ear just in case.