I don't believe you guys...

This comes out: http://fallout.bethsoft.com/teaser.html, and there is no talk?

Its Fallout, for crying out loud!

All us cool kids in the chat already knew about it. :ah-ha!:

Yeah. And the uncool kids too. Like Steve.

Yeah the chat

use the chat

I never played the first two, but I’ve been dying to lately. Guess I’ll have to resort to ebay or something else.

Hehe that black guy has a moustache.

<strike>Or the internet</strike>ForgetIsaidanything… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’m not that hyped about FallOut 3, actually.
I could never really get into the first two games, no matter how I tried. So another game in a series that I never really liked anyway? Yeah, not that hyped.

Some of the posters in the Beth boards have no life. Yes, we want a good FO too, now stop whining.

I’m glad the teaser came out because it has a rough release date. Supposedly in three weeks Game Informer—>The Internets will have more info. Gameplay info hopefully.

Poke, you can hit people in the groin with a Super Sledgehammer. Or poke them in the eye. Reconsider.

No matter how much I want the new fallout to be fun, a little part of me wants it to suck so i can see one of those assholes actually die from how indignant they are.

With some effort I can read the Bethesda boards for about 15 minutes. nma, nah.

edit: I think some of them want it to suck too so they can go on about how corporate greed doesn’t understand how good games are made and dude, we’ve been waiting since '97 and they should use the original engine. With the too many items bug too, that’s a staple!

I think I should register and insist they make Fallout 3 with the Wasteland engine, that’s hardcore.