I don't believe it.

Have you heard of that new reality show ‘Queer eye for the streight guy?’ That looks so… Gay. Literally. Now, I can under stand stuff like Big Brother and Survivor and stuff, but this is TOO far. Opinions? (No offence to any gay people on the boards)

Meh, another twist on a dying formula. This, too, shall pass. Gay or not I can’t bring myself to watch a show that’s sole purpose is to have gay people on it.


Well… it’s no Survivor :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course not. It would actually have a chance if it was a Survivor with gay guys with one streight guy.

The formula is too oversused, It’ll go to hell like everything else.

And by the way, it’s “strAight”.

and by the way, it’s i don’t cAre.

:fungah: They’ve gone too far with this reality crap television… what next? This makes me sick…:fungah: :noway: …

Sorry, but I have to do this… p:unch:: ! Ok, I feel better.

Every time I think they’ve made the strangest reality television show, they come up with something new. That is VERY wrong.

Remember, kids. Reality shows are made by people too dumb to make B-movies.

Actually, no.

Most of them have directed a B-Movie before, but they found out 20 years too late that nobody cares about B-Movies nowadays, and they’ll find out too late that no one cares about reality shows anymore.

I think this idea is a bit too far… but what am I gonna do? A lot of people eat this stuff up. Ratings and big money. That is what it is all about.

Yeah, that’s definitely going to far. I hate bizarre reality TV like the rest of you but the show “Last Comic Standing”, that I’m actually watching now isn’t that bad. You have your “Big Brother” house thing, then a sort of “Immunity Challenge”. The people vote for who they think is the least funny. The person who got the most votes get to choose one of the people that voted for that person and have a comedy showdown. These people are acutually funny too.

I [i]HATE[/i] reality TV shows.

Reality TV~~~~>::doh:: p:unch:: <~~~~Me

It’s weird that these things got so popular… And repedative…

It mostly started with out survivor.

After that networks started seeing how reality TV shows could make a lot of money with little expenses and that’s where the craziness started…

Great. Combining reality television (which always consist of such unreal premises, ironically enough) with reliance on old, stupid, and offensive stereotypes (gay men have great fashion sense, straight men “don’t know how to dress” …and I just can’t wait to hear the stories about the gay men who auditioned for the show but weren’t accepted or will be dropped after the show starts because they didn’t act “gay” enough to be “believable” [i.e. they weren’t overdramatic flamers bumping Liza Minelli showtunes on their CD players] in the role of gay fashion gurus, because you know it’s coming and you KNOW they’re just all going to act that way with the possible exception of one token “normal guy who just happens to be gay” thrown in as a red herring).

Reliance on cheap stereotypes? Going along mindlessly with the trend of the day? It’s like a Hack’s* Heaven!

[* Hack meaning bad writer/comedian who relies on recycling old played out jokes and does what lots of others have already done, like the guy who shouts really loud and does the “white people do this, but black people do THIS” nonsense.]

Reality tv isn’t that bad. I like shws like survivor and last comic standing. I think it’s funny to watch people degrad themselves on public tv. A funny one that kindas ended was “meet my folks”. I only saw the last episode but It was funny seeing a few girls do crazy things just for a trip to greece with a cute boy they’ve only known for five days.

But I do think they go to far, now with a gay reality tv show.

Reality TV really DOES suck. Just when you think TV has hit rock bottom, one of those networks coughcoughfoxcoughcough grabs a shovel.

And BTW, I still think they havn’t gone lower than Temptation Island yet.

I mean, COME ON! Put a guy in the middle of 12 hot, scantily clad girls, the only way he wouldn’t react is if the guy was a fargin’ eunich.