I do?

Seriously. WTF Japan?

Well at least we know his penis can fit in the headphone jack.

I’ve read enough Derrida to know that any girl one marries would basically be imaginary, anyway.

Oh yeah, this.

My reaction was just… dude.

I demand pics of the consummation.

I feel consumed if it counts.


I have long since stopped being surprised by “JAPAN!!!” shenanigans like this.

At this point I fully expect someone to get themselves married to that life-sized Gundam sooner or later. Its only a matter of time.

…It sort of makes me wonder exactly HOW LONELY a guy would have to be to go through with this.

Still funny, though.

Yeah…that’s some fucked-up stuff right there. Then again, it’s Japan. Go figure.

If I remember correctly, some couple had a Gundam-themed wedding right under the giant Gundam. Some company had a contest for it.

First GIS result for “Japan lol”

Also I’m image linking cause it’s ebaum’s world fuck that website who cares

Hey, that’s not cool. Ebaumsworld has painstakingly produced all this IP you’re now enjoying.