I do believe this is proof that Basara is joking.

more to come.

KaiserBasara: ar you steve
RPGCSteve: maybe
RPGCSteve: i dunno though
RPGCSteve: not sure yet
KaiserBasara: It was 9/20 a long time ago you know
RPGCSteve: I have no idea what you’re talking about
KaiserBasara: that hentai site you gave me sucks
RPGCSteve: k
RPGCSteve: seriously though, leave her alone. Thanks in advance.
KaiserBasara: but she’s sexy
RPGCSteve: but she doesn’t care
KaiserBasara: but maybe that pic was old and she gained weight liek the girls on the internet
RPGCSteve: no, i’m pretty sure she hasn’t
RPGCSteve: but i am pretty sure she doesn’t care what random fuck #3 on the internet thinks about her :x
KaiserBasara: I’m only the biggest nuisance on rpgc
RPGCSteve: random fuck #3 on the internet
KaiserBasara: On rpgc ima big deal
RPGCSteve: just incase you forgot, it’s the internet :
KaiserBasara: well everyone on the internet is random
RPGCSteve: what does that have to do with you being a horny idiot?
KaiserBasara: i’m moer creepy than horny
RPGCSteve: yet again, what does that have to do with anything
RPGCSteve: i’m just asking you to try to be less creepy, thanks
KaiserBasara: are you a mod
RPGCSteve: maybe
RPGCSteve: find out for yourself
KaiserBasara: you arent
KaiserBasara: but you have the most posts
RPGCSteve: sinistral does
RPGCSteve: and postcount doesn’t matter
RPGCSteve: i wouldn’t be a mod if they paid me
KaiserBasara: postcount does matter
KaiserBasara: if you dont have posts, people dont you you exist
RPGCSteve: that’s pretty wrong, good job
KaiserBasara: i went to a board wtih 2 posts and i was nothing
KaiserBasara: i made a topic, and they got pissed at animenfo, because i have no authority
RPGCSteve: that’s that site
RPGCSteve: anyway, in short stop bugging her, thanks
RPGCSteve: that’s all
KaiserBasara: she logged off
RPGCSteve: i know, she went somewhere
KaiserBasara: i was gonna ask her howard stern questions
RPGCSteve: good for you/
RPGCSteve: ?*
KaiserBasara: liek “what was your first lesbian experience”
RPGCSteve: such a gimmick…
KaiserBasara: or “when was the last time you got laid” or “what’s your height”
RPGCSteve: just… stop talking


Yeah, I’m counting down til it gets closed, actually.
It looked good at the time =\

hay steve u sore liek to post lolol

What do I have to gain by PRETENDING to be stupid?

Are you implying that i’m INTELLIGENT?

I honestly dont think I was acting stupid

And setz, are YOU gonna turn on me now?

It just seems that not one person can exhude such stupidity from every pore so completely.

I’m not trying to be stupid

What the hell is the point of this thread, other than to antagonize whats-his-face?

Why do some people think I’m faking?

I actually didn’t want to antagonize him :frowning:

For one thing, when I make typos, it’s unintentional. It’s because i type so fast

KB, lol, I’m not your friend. Just because I sent PM’s explaining a game, and giving advice in a game, doesn’t mean we’re friends.

Steve consider yourself warned. Everyone else needs to knock this shit off it’s getting annoying.

It’s a shame that we mods don’t even get Christmas off. You fuckers.

Jesus christ, don’t you guys have like, families? That love you and shit? Why are you guys spending more than 10 minutes a day on this shit? It’s the fucking Holidays. Get a life.