I didn't know Setz had a PSP

We know all about every single thing you do is what he is saying.

Boys will be boys!

Lol, this is just hillarious.

People hang UP porn on our school walls, and once they reach 5th year (17 years old generally), at MOST their told to take it down. Seriously, the teachers know it doesn’t matter…in our school anyway. But like, fights and shit? Yeah, that gets taken seriously, more for the people who watch. Fighting people aren’t minded as much as the people who egg em on, which I think is pretty alright.

Course, if it got out of hand, then there’d be trouble.

This is just silly though. <<

This reminds me of how a few years ago I was reading a newspaper article about the porn industry exploring the mobile phone/etc. market and how my society turning into some kind of Brave New porno-World, where everyone needs to be self-absorbed in their little whatever screen.