I didn't know Setz had a PSP


What the fuck? It’s a felony to bring porn to class, but only a misdemeanor to cut someone?

Logic != law

What, he only keyed him up? Wuss.

I hate to admit that the title got me to read this thread, but it did. So there.

I did like in the article comments where someone called it the 21st century equivalent of having your dad’s Playboy, ha ha.

Some guy brought playboys and the equivalents to school when I was in HS and it wasn’t a big deal. I echo the “wtf!?” that bringing porn on your PSP is worse than cutting someone (although it was a key, not a knife, so not really a significant assault). The kid should just get smacked upside the head. Neither event is really meaningful. Kids do this shit all the time.

I remember in high school, when everyone had TI-83 calculators and you could play games on them. My friend Ami had a program that was pretty much a porno movie played out in ASCII art. One day he was showing it to a group of people in class, and everyone around him was having a good laugh. Wondering what the commotion was all about, the teacher came over, and Ami frantically tried to close the porn program. However he was too late and the teacher picked up the TI-83 to see the graphic scene depicted in backslashes, letters, and periods. The look on Mrs. Sturm’s face was one of shock and confusion. Ami had to stay after class that day, but I think that was the only punishment he got for the possession of ASCII porn.

a guy named ami lmao

My first response to idea of being charged more for having porn in school than scratching a guy with a key was, “I guess keys don’t count as ‘assault with a deadly weapon’”. Wait, they havent forbidden us from taking them on a plane yet…that’s why.

What the hell? What does this have to do with anything and why do you keep posting it?

Maybe you get a bigger punishment if you cut them with a bigger key.

Yes, now he is a police dispatcher for the LAPD.

Thats retarded. My school gave everyone tungsten t5’s, and half of themfilled them with porn. they even put videos on them and watched them during class. as fur scratching someone with a key, thats also retarded. I say that kid is a pussy and needs to be slapped around a little bit.

Hey, the guy who owns Miami Ink is named Ami! I saw it on TLC!

What, you’re surprised? Don’t you know that nudity cause more damage than physical violence? It corrupts the mind! Physical violence will only hurt you a little, and, well, possibly kill you, but think about it, wouldn’t you rather be dead than have a corrupted mind?

This is rubbish.

Bringing porn’s a felony now? Hell, the teacher only yelled at me when I brought my dad’s Penthouse to school.

Times certainly are changing. People will blow up about the smallest things nowadays.

Man, my school was filled with nothing but attention whores. And actual whores at time.

I wish I was exaggerating.

Anyway, people were bringing porn and stuff to school every other day! All the teachers just whapped the kid upside the head, and confiscated it.

THe biggest problem I see with the felony issue is… fuck, that’s a lot of work for such a minor infraction! I mean, really!

This is the reason I do not post much anymore.


You reap what you sow.