I demand more borg strategy games!

Are there any?

Could you elaborate a bit?

I wanna go assimalate planets!

assimilates Charl

Borg strategy game?

There’s gonna be a game called “Borg Assimilator” from the guys who made “Pharoah” and the like. It’ll be that sort of game.

kisses X I knew I could count on you, X!

got any sites on it?


Well there you go, but it doesn’t look like it’s been updated in some time; weird, cuz I found out it existed through a recent update, which seems to…no longer exist? Dun dun dunnn

You get to be the Borg in Starfleet Command 3. Unfortunately not much actual assimilating goes on. I always choose to be the Romulans anyway.

I think you get to assimilate planets and the like in Star Trek Armada though.

You can play as the Borg in Star Trek Armada I and II; but seriously, you’d much more want to be the Romulans: If just because they’re cooler.