I created something and now I don't know what to do with it

Since last week I’ve been working on a site for myself in my free time. The address is http://www.csrenan.com . Would you guys be so kind as to take a look and rate it?

The original idea I had was to build a page from where I could access all my web applications instead of having a different page for each one, or at least where I’d have links to them all.

Then I gave it up and tried Visual Studio’s website starter kit. It gives a pretty page with online albums and a resume, but I still didn’t like it.

So I kept only the master page along with skins and css files (with few minor modifications) and started tweaking on the databases, adding some tables and procedures. I then made posting and commenting pages and ended up making a blog. I added an RSS feed (pretty ugly as is, but then I didn’t spend more than a couple of minutes on it) and an updated version of my old uploader program, integrated the album’s user registering system with it (along with other ones), and I also have a proxy application and a file compacting one ready to use there.

The site needs a couple of minor formatting fixes in the main page, but I think it’s presentable right now. Problem is, after doing all this stuff, I don’t know what to write about there. I’ve never been good with diaries of any kind, specially online ones. It took me hours to come up with each of the few posts I got there as of now. I’ll keep the blog as a proof of concept, and here and there I’ll post about stuff I like, but I’d like to have a more useful page as my main entry for the site. I’ve considered making a yellow journal, then an article page, but I couldn’t pick a subject to talk about in neither case.

And here’s where ideas for a page and a subject are welcomed. Very, very welcomed. So start giving me inspiration already.

It’s great, but the layout’s broken in 1280x1024 in firefox.

Same here, lots of text running over other text under Firefox.

You’ve created something you don’t know what to do with?

Just like god, ain’t it?

Use it as a stepping stone to destroy and/or conquer the internet? (The world will automatically follow soon after)

Fair bet. The opposite would be tougher.

What’s the problem with that? There’s thousands upon thousands of webpages which are never, ever updated, and even more which are only updated once every third or so months, and there doesn’t seem to be any problem at all with that. You could always use it to ramble about technology, politics, animal cruelty, veganism, dragons and applepies, and issue threats against the People’s Republic of China and Canada.

It’s broken in Opera and Mozilla Firefox: Latest news overflows the bar at the bottom.

I use asp.net, which unfortunately doesn’t render well on anything but IE. I’ve started to wonder if it would show ok in Mozilla and FF if I made a DHTML page that got data from the current one.