I could use some suggestions....

I’m trying to come up with a few new games. You’d think it’d be easy, but I have no current gen systems, so it’s a bit more difficult. I have an N64 and a Playstation. All I have for the Playstation is Final Fantasy VII and some random stuff on the 64. If anyone could give me suggestions on decent FPS or RPGs, I’d really appreciate it.


Metal Gear Solid
Legend of Legaia
Armored Core
Final Fantasy VIII, IX
Chrono Cross
Resident Evil 1-3

Try to get Goldeneye or Perfect Dark. You aren’t going to find ANY good RPGs on the 64. Unless you want to play something like Quest 64. snicker

Also check out the other thread in the video game forum. A good bet is to use your pc for gaming. And if you do, play Fallout.

PSX Games

[li]Tales of Destiny
[/li][li]Tales of Destiny 2
[/li][li]Final Fantasy Chronicles
[/li][li]Chrono Cross
[/li][li]Suikoden 2

There are plenty of good RPGs for the PS1. The trick is finding them. They sell new copies of old Final Fantasy games on amazon.com occasionally.

If you want to get reviews on the games people are mentioning, go to amazon.com or ign.com.

What about Ogre Battle 64? I liked it, which isn’t saying much I suppose. Though that’s probably impossible to get if I remember correctly.

Oh yeah, for the N64 - Paper Mario.

Ogre Battle 64 is more properly referred to as a strategy game.

I’ll concede that Paper Mario is a good RPG. That’s it for the N64, though.

Originally Posted by Genericangstyposter
You aren’t going to find ANY good RPGs on the 64. Unless you want to play something like Quest 64. snicker

I don’t recall Quest 64 being better than Paper Mario, Ogre Battle 64, MegaMan 64(aka Legends), or either of the Zelda games.

Btw, don’t be fooled with the Pokemon Stadium games they don’t have any of the Role Playing elements of the GameBoy Games.

Zelda is not an RPG and MegaMan 64 isn’t good. The others were discussed before.

Zelda’s close enough to count, and MMLegends could not have been any worse than a game that has only three spells of any real use (the two healing spells and Avalanche) out of a couple of dozen, and involves boss battles requiring the general strategy involving hitting a boss two or three times (hopefully) then spending the next 5 or more turns running away and healing yourself for the next assault.

Nothing against your way of looking at it, but that line of defining what an RPG is would make it easy for me to classify God of War 2 an RPG - you use spells, have boss batles, and etc.

I don’t recall Quest 64 being better than the Zelda games or Paper Mario; mainly because I don’t recall it being anywhere near as good as those games. To each their own…

Final Fantasy Tactics is an SRPG, as is Front Mission 3. Parasite Eve 1 and 2 are decent. To be honest dude, the PS2 should go even further done in price by next year more than likely. With a little luck you could get a used one for fifty dollar - that investment is well worth it.

Anything Zelda, Metroid, or Final Fantasy is worth getting. I’m into some if the older games, but I don’t know of any place with PS1 games. You can buy them online, but the really good ones are over priced, I got FF7 for a little over $100. Ōkami looks pretty good so I think I’ll get that one next, It’s for the PS2. The main charcter is a wolf, hence the name, and you get to go around killing people.:mwahaha:

Tales of Destiny II aka Tales of Eternia

Did anyone notice the op has been banned? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway Disgaea ftw, if you like strategy RPGs

I’m astonished that nobody has said Valkyrie Profile!

Gauntlet Legends for the N64 was always one of my favorites.