I could beat someone at Funimation...

Packaging rant. (Sorry, I just have to get it out…)

I’ve recently purchased Full Metal Panic:TSR DVDs (Vol. 1 with the artbox, and Vol. 2), and I am really irked by the presence of stickers that do not peel cleanly on the outside of the nice slipcovers! Not on cellophane, but on the frickin’ cardboard. I’m a picky person when it comes to things like this, and now I’m going to spend who knows how long trying to remove sticker residue without messing up the slipcovers. Who decides to do things like this? I’m also irritated that the outer sleeve on the DVD case for Vol. 1 had a torn corner, which led to the security sensor tape sticking to the DVD case insert and screwing that up as well. However, that’s a different issue since I don’t have X-ray vision and can’t see inside a sealed box.

Any other packaging mishaps that bother you, obsessive compulsive viewers?

Use hot water :confused:

It’s cardboard. It’ll damage it even more than peeling it with your fingernail.

Wow, why do you care so much? If that happens with me, I just leave it. I mean, it’s gonna look worse with it off anyway. Besides you didnt buy it for the cardboard slipcase, did you?

The biggest retail chain dealing in cds in my place does this all the time…

It’s not the retailer’s fault. They dont manufacture the CDs.

I totally buy stuff like this for the packaging. If I just wanted to watch it I can pirate it.

Try and buy some sticker remover, works like a charm and doesn’t damage cardboard at all if you only use a little of it.

The do however, put price stickers on the cases. Like GameStop’s huge yellow used game price stickers.

Or add extra wrapping. Other stores blissfully don’t do it.

Cardboard? Nothing I’ve ever purchased released by Funimation had such inconvenient stickers, and I’ve got at least 25 discs of their stuff.

The packaging problem that irks me most is when the outer plastic wrapping sticks to the spine of the case, leaving little irregular bits that I can’t quite peel off.