I can't stop laughing maniacally, I actually do sound like Albedo

I just got this in my email like now.

Dear Patrick,

Congratulations once again on being accepted into the McGill M.D./Ph.D. Joint Program!  I very much enjoyed meeting you during the interview process and look forward to interacting with you at the Thursday evening M.D./Ph.D. Seminar series.  

I am pleased to inform you that with your acceptance to join the McGill M.D./Ph.D. Program beginning in 2005, you have been chosen by the McGill M.D./Ph.D. Program and the Faculty of Medicine Scholarship Committee to receive the prestigious McKeown Scholarship.  This is a special McGill M.D./Ph.D. scholarship we are awarding for the first time this year.  Pending yearly review and good standing in the McGill combined M.D./Ph.D. Program, this scholarship will cover your full medical school and graduate school tuition and provide a stipend of $20,000. for the 2005-2006 year. It is anticipated that the stipend will be renewed for those years not covered by the regular M.D./Ph.D. Program stipend. 

I would appreciate if you would confirm your intention to accept this scholarship.  In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about the McGill M.D./Ph.D. Program or other funding issues.

Extra note for the uninformed, my program was supposed to have been paid off in its entirety starting at my PhD in a year and a half. Now essentially, only the 6 months between the start of my 2nd MD year and the start of my PhD is a question mark. I’m almost having spasms. The program lasts 7-8 years.

Holy fuck, congrats man.



Very nice work Sin. =) I am sure everyone here is just as excited for you, as you are for yourself! I can’t believe someone here is actually going to become accomplished. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still taking bets that he gets shot in the street the day he is done with studying.


No kidding, holy shit.

Woah. Congradumalations dude.

Wowwee. Nice.

What’s up, Doc!

Go You!


That’s great! I’m happy for you, Sin :slight_smile:

Congratulations, dude.

Who says grad school doesn’t pay?

I’m gonna have to ask you have you managed to do that.

Congratulations, Sin!

But who the heck is Albedo? :thinking: ?

you sure worked hard for it, nice job.

Wilf: Bad guy in Xenosaga.

That’s great, Sin.

Also, your hair is GODLY. Seriously, I feel an overwhelming NEED to fly out to California and fucking scalp you, man. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not much else to say other than congratulations. Good to see that you’re going places.